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sábado, julho 12, 2003

More comments on my cover story on dancing alone...

I just finished reading your essay on dancing. Wow! The part where you write about the incident in the Café Tacvba concert was very touching.
Maybe cause I'm a girl, no sé. Pero, creo que mucho de lo que escribiste es verdad. This article reminded me of the Café Tacvba song, "El baile y el
salón." La canción dice, " ...que el amor es bailar..." just like you said.

My response...

Gracias for the kind words. It doesn't take a girl to know the power that is dancing together. I love dancing--but only juntitas.

This one is courtesy of AH, a bright gal who is usually frank. Not this time...

I'd like to first off congratulate you at making the cover. What can I say, I could rip it to shreds as you say but I think you are deserving of praise. You cite some great sources and have to be commended on quoting Berlin. I will definitely think of your story when I go to that quinceanera tomorrow. By the way, I am amazed as to how much you are willing to share with readers. First off, you've always talked about your parents on and off and that's great, very humanizing but the girlfriend part at the end. . .that took guts man. All in all, I'm definitely impressed.

My response...

So rip it apart, then. Praise is easy; criticism is hard.

It's true, y'know? It's very misleading on someone's behalf to qualify their statements. If you can rip it to shreds, do it. Don't be lying to me.

Damn, your cover story for the OC Weekly was awesome! The topic was one that I'd never even heard of explained the way you did and it even made my eyes tear a bit. I only hope that one day I too can inspire others to be better writers like you have for me.

My response...

Thank you for the extremely kind words. I'm sure you'll also be a great writer, if not already. One problem, though: I did get your email alerting me to your first posted article. However, I couldn't read it because the Cerritos College website demanded that I register--and I wasn't going to! So if you can send it to me in-text, I can get you some feedback.

Above writer writes for the Cerritos College newspaper--but said paper's website demands registration. Screw that.

Here's more...

I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

I love to dance. I secretly wish people still danced together. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to dance well.

my boyfriend refuses to dance and i really really really hate that.

My simple response to a beautiful plea...

Thank you for your comments. I only know how to dance together with women. But no one ever wants to dance.

Here's the final one for the night...

That was a wonderful article! I absolutely loved it. I am always Dancing With Myself to avoid random men trying to grind all over me. I dread being asked to dance by strangers.

The other weekend I was at a small party with a group of friends and they had Aretha Frankiln blaring throughout the house. My ex, -
the love of my young life- took my hand and led me into the living room. In front of everyone, he led me in one of those wonderful slow, romantic dances you described. It was one of the happiest, most fulfilling things I have ever experienced.

I have been thinking about it ever since, wondering if anyone else could be so satisfied by such a simple act.

So, anyway, I really appreciated your article. I am going to forward your article to my ex so he can read it and know just how much the dance meant to me and how important it is to dance together.

My response...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to hear there's someone else who despises dancing with strangers and knows about the absolute romanticism that is a slow dance with your beloved. I hope that the redemptive dance you shared with my ex will lead to more luck than what I experienced, though.

Dance on (and hold your love tight)
Went to eat at Palms Thai Restaurant in Thai town with the LA Weekly gang. We feasted on a great tom kah soup, trout with mango sauce, sour beef, and a syrup soda that was heavily carbonated. Serenading us was Thai Elvis, who didn't sing my personal favorite "Are you Lonesome Tonight?" but did do good enough for me to sing along.

And now, sleep.