A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quinta-feira, julho 10, 2003

Some thoughts on my dancing alone piece...

I wanted you to spend more time talking about your personal experiences in this story. Relating Marx, Hegel, what not, hit me as one dry academic stretch. Get off that ivory tower soap box yer on. Then again, if everyone can get away with something, you can definitely get away with the Greil Marcus long tomes mixing thick German philosophy and how it relates to today's pop culture. That's a compliment. I couldn't get away with it.

My response...

Thanks for the feedback. I actually hate writing about myself—not because of a fear of revelation but because I think it’s narcissistic. That’s why I limited my personal experiences to the beginning and end—let Freed, Joad, and Hobbes do the rest for me.

The following is from that pinche judio Josue Noriega...

Felicidades!! That's one hell of a cover story - dancing, world politics, sexo y todo. Quite a creative piece, maestro!

No comment needed. Bring 'em on!