A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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terça-feira, julho 15, 2003

Spent the day at the Orange County Fair with Drew and Angie the Interns. Had them try out disgusting meals like a fried Snickers and fried Twinky. I had fried green tomatoes--surprisingly juicy. Great time had by all.

In the course of my walking, however, I seemed to have injured my knee. Not sure why--then again, I suffer bizarre maladies from time to time. Like the time I suffered intense pain whenever my pinky would touch anything.

Here are some interesting stories for the day, then more of my merrily miserable life:

Quentin Tarantino is insane. The fact that he wants to release his upcoming Kill Bill in two parts proves it.

Tarantino's Pulp Fiction is what motivated me to study film. And today, I write about food. What a life! Nevertheless, I liked Tarantino's three films, even if Jackie Brown was a bit long. But the former video store monkey cannot expect his cult to be so faithful any longer. We want results, not shoddy marriages.

Insert joke about male fears of sexual inadequacy here...

Love the following passage: ''It horrified me,'' the woman testified. ''I never had anything like that happen to me in my 47 years. … I've only ever been with one man.''

The woman has obviously never heard of John Holmes.

So lasagna is actually British.

Ah, those imperial Brits--always wanting to claim the sun for their own candle.

Pat Robertson prays for death.

I know there are good evangelical Christians out there...but I've never met one. Join the Catholic conspiracy, or at least pretend.

The British queer argot Polari makes a comeback.

I love language--I really do. There's been a couple of articles as of recent alerting readers to the fact that the world's languages are disappearing as super-languages like English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese take over the speaking world. Most of the articles mention that to lose a language is to lose culture--an obvious point, yes, but one that people forget. Or actually know. Laws like English-only or pure-French ignore the history of language. Or actually are aware of them too much. Sorry--my eloquence and logic is left for real-life, not this infernal blog.

Eastern Europe engages in catapult tricks.

And now, some personal observations...

A lot of people now read my blog for some bizarre reason. For the past two weeks, over 60 readers have read my website each week--amazing, considering no more than 50 people had read my website in one week ever. Granted, some people do stumble upon my website by accident after typing in on Google search terms like "stonehenge vagina," "Rebecca Thornton floyd prison," and--very creepily--"auto fellatio." These are all terms I have used in recent blog entries. At the same time, however, most people reading this blog are accessing it through my website. Strange.

And the rule of the day is:

No nomas es en decir sino tambien hacer.