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quarta-feira, julho 30, 2003

Try a Little Tenderness...

No personal insight today. Instead...articles!

Apparently, Bible studies are good for students.

I remember the kids who attended Bible studies during elementary school--everyone would be envious of them for getting out of class early once a week. But the question remains--why can't these kids get their God time in an actual chapel rather than waste precious school time. That it might help students cleverly takes the focus away from the deplorable conditions of schools. Also, I hate proselytizers--but I've said that already.

Israel is so desperate to colonize the Holy Land it's even accepting sham Jews.

Howard Stern has had the Black Hebrews on many times before on his show. They're always ranting against homosexuality and the white man. And Israel declares itself a country of democracy? Anyone can believe what they want, but I find it difficult to understand how Israel can possibly consider these people Jews when Jewish law has always mandated that a true Jew is one whose mother was Jewish. Oy vey.

Ladies, this one is for you.

No comment on my part. I don't have a vagina so cannot speculate on any pain.

Somehow, I don't believe this story regarding a seven-year old boy addicted to porn.

Give him a couple of years--I myself didn't discover the tawdry art until my early teens. No comment on whether I still patronize this entertainment.

One of the few times you want to be knee-deep in shit.

Yet another suspicious article, this one regarding the Dalai Lama.

Why am I suspicious? I seriously doubt the Dalai Lama would ever call Mao Tse-Tung a "great revolutionary" as this article quote him as saying.

The Loch Ness monster is a myth, according to the BBC.

Written about the Loch Ness Monster before, so won't write about it again.

Kids steal skeleton and take it to Star Wars party.

Sorry for laughing at a grave robbery, but this is a funny story. They dressed the skeleton up in a Darth Vader outfit!