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segunda-feira, julho 28, 2003

Y Tu Castigo se lo Dejo a Dios...

Letters! From my friend in Britain regarding many articles. Will link them as he cites them...

I am a fucking chúntaro blanco. I got 75 pounds to last me through August in a city where it costs 3.20 for a return tube fair. My last trip to the supermarket consisted of bread, beans, bananas and cheese. Total cost in this crazy city: 6 quid 31 pence at the CHEAP place. El Gran Silencio sound great (well, you know what I mean) and I can't get over what a lowrider drum kit in lieu of a trash can must look like.

I like C.Tacaba, got introduced to them when Beck toured with em. However, your review wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement, "never having failed," sure, but have they have ever really succeeded in your opinion?

I'm sure your pinnacle peak article is fantasmic, but being a pescoovolactoveterinarian, I abstained, even in print.

OC Fair: oh man...you got me drooling. My grandparents used to live in NM and I've still not had such amazing enchiladas as we had when went to visit. I know, I likes my cheeses. Still though, never had a chocolate one. Wouldn't mind it one bit, methinks.

So I was thinking, you get to keep all the music you review? You must have a massive CD collection. Alright man, much as I'd like to string you along for a few days after your articles come in, I can't help it. If I don't read them right away I never read them. So there. More useless commmentary from yours truly. Now I got to write a letter to Trey Parker and Matt Stone begging them to read my book and give me something quotable...

My response...

Chúntaro Blanco,

We're all in the same lowrider together--I live off $50 a week! Then again, I live with mami y papi, so I can do that...

As for Café Tacuba...thanks for the criticism. I guess that wasn't the best of terms to describe them with. They've always succeeded--their best album is 1994's "Re" which people lamely describe as rock en español's "White Album" without bothering to consider "Re" is probably better than that. It has one of the best songs in history--a clacking, bossa nova-ish song about a petroleum engineer quitting his job because he's realized he's destroying the Earth. ¡Magnífico!

I understand on the Pinnacle Peak article. Meat is murder, as Moz put it. But I love to kill, unfortunately.

It's actually not a chocolate enchilada but tortilla. Fried, blah, blah, blah. But yes--New Mexican cuisine is certainly one of the more peculiar regional cuisines in this country. Ever had a sopapilla? One of the best desserts around.

And finally: yes, I keep all the CDs. You're the fifth person this weekend to ask that!

Write on and thanks as always for the feedback...

Here's some letters sent to me to the Weekly. I've posted them before, but I'll post them again.


From observation and from testimonies of Vietnamese, I would say their viewpoint of Mexicans is that we are dirty, lazy, uneducated, illegal and so on [Gustavo Arellano’s "When Immigrants Attack," July 18]. Since their arrival 20 years ago as refugees, I would say Vietnamese have a lack of understanding of the history of the Chicano Mexican people, not to mention Indian history. I think they view us this way because of what they see in the news about us. I would say that the Vietnamese do carry racism against the Mexicans, and I would say it’s because of the image that they see of us without the understanding of our long history that we have had here in the U.S.

Lupe Lopez
Via e-mail

Hello, Gustavo Arellano, a.k.a. Mr. Esoteric. I am impressed with your basic historic knowledge, but in your weak article ["Gringo de Mayo," May 2] you make it seem as if all Mexicans and Mexican Americans are flying flags that say VIVA MEXICO every Cinco de Mayo. Mr. Esoteric, even though you placed the accents in the proper position in the two Spanish words that you wrote, I do not think you are capable of writing a well-educated essay in Spanish. Finally, as a Mexican American, I would be embarrassed to be seen with a person like you. I never celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but whenever I have a chance to drink, I drink.

Aldo Gutierrez
Via e-mail

P.S. Get a real education; you probably went to Cal State Dominguez Hills or Cal State LA, and call yourself Gus.

Gustavo "Guti" Arellano responds: Pues cómo Ud. no me dió razón de que exactamente es su problema con mi artículo dipwad, solamente le puedo decir que su carta Dick Nichols es indicativo de una enfermedad en la comunidad Latina, esa de ignorancia ignoramus. Le aviso que lea mi artículo otra vez pocho pendejo y después escriba devuelta a nuestra revista chimichanga con una carta que tenga punto Tecate. Y la educación fue en UCLA, pendejo, no un Cal-State. ¡See you Cinco de Mayo!

Another personal email. No response on my part...

Of the many articles you contributed to the paper this week I'm finding it hard to decide which was the one that made me laugh the most. I think it's a tie between the Reventon and Pinnacle Peak. To think, I had always told myself that I would never tell you about that place, I thought I was the only one who even knew it was there because the steer is so common place for me. Second of all, did you know about Yahir and Myriam before the show? As in, had you ever watched the American Idol counterpart? Anyway, good job as usual.

A letter regarding a personal posting of mine regarding my first lap dance...

Lap dances are for vacuous and detached folks--not for kind and worthy human beings. Fritz Too does have some beautiful girls, but that empty look in their eyes you can find the world over: from Patpong Alley to Colonial Roma to Amsterdam, it's still sex without intimacy for money. You aren't alone in not enjoying a lap dance. (word of advice: dont waste money on a prostitute unless you cannot take it anymore. repression is never good unless the ethics outweigh the libido, or vice-versa, and in those cases, pay to get fucked. I went without for years, and it made me stronger person. But in the end, i got myself a beautful 19 year old in mexico city. after wards, she bathed me and I walked out of there squeaky clean with no guilty conscience).

And that's all for tonight. Ingrates abound...