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domingo, agosto 31, 2003

Here's a blurb for ya...

And the award for the Next Big Thing in Spite of Annoying Label-Pushing goes to Akwid, the South-Central brother duo who combine hip-hop menace with banda’s brass blares to create the most important development in Mexican music since the accordion. Summer heard Akwid’s ominous debut shudder out of heavily chromed Suburbans across the Los Angeles Basin, a smart spin of Francisco and Sergio Gómez’s dueling-rap sneers, tuba brags and scratchy turntables aided by the wailing cameos of narcocorrido royalty Adán Sánchez (son of Chalino) and Jenni of the Rivera dynasty. Akwid represents the truest fusion of a young Mexican Angeleno’s groove obsessions — fuck rock en español, it’s all about the hip-hop and corridos pesados — and should continue its radio ascendancy as long as the label, Univisión, doesn’t let its incessant promotion cute things up too much. We understand the Despierta América appearance . . . but Akwid cheerleaders?! Even Lil’ Bow Wow snickers.

sábado, agosto 30, 2003

Love, or Let Me be Lonely...

News of the world courtesy of Daily Rotten...

Costly farts.

Not a big fan of scatalogical references--save your excrement to yourself, m'kay?--but that a fart could cost a company $100,000 is too surreal to leave to the darker recesses of my memory.

African boy dies of back-alley circumcision in Ireland.

I still find it hard to believe that immigrants could live in Ireland. Ireland! But I guess immigrants now rule the world, not just SanTana.

Man dies after wife squeezes testicles

As a man, let me just say this is painful. When I was in taekwondo, I was actually infamous for fighting without a cup and substaining many a kick in my nether regions. If one day I turn out to be infertile, I'll know why.

Prisoner finds crappy surprise in his chili--crap!

Most exciting development to emerge from Maine since the time that small town told all Somalis to take a hike.

And now, a brief interlude from the Rotten.com Library regarding the veracity of the King Arthur legends...

"The History of the Kings of Britain" mixes some established historical fact with a lot of wholly fabricated nonsense. It's not known exactly what portion of the Arthurian story is fabricated, but rigorous scientific studies have determined that it's "a lot." Geoffrey is credited with concocting Merlin, among other characters, out of scattered and inconsistent urban legends. Merlin, of course, is the wizard and prophet who pulls the strings behind the King Arthur administration, kind of like the Dick Cheney of his day, except with magical powers instead of oil industry clout.

Back to the linkage...eh, enough for now
See, I had a lot of things to say, but suddenly I've been quieted by harsh reality.

The eradication of my faith for mankind continues...
For the first time in months, my week was completely enjoyable.

sexta-feira, agosto 29, 2003

Some Rotten history along with my comments...

Aug 29 1904
David Hyrum Smith, son of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, dies in an insane asylum after 27 years of lunacy. His father in 1844 had predicted that his unborn son would be named David and that he would be "President and King of Israel". At least he got the name right.

Don't have anything against Mormons--indeed, they're incredibly nice people. But I cannot stand proselytizers of any kind.

The Orange County Register breaks the story that China harvests organs from executed prisoners prior to their executions. What's more, those executions are scheduled according to organ transplant priorities.

Don't remember that story. But I'll say this: shouldn't the Reg concentrate on breaking local stories rather than international stories? And the subject matter is suspect--I'm no fan of Red China, but the Reg would sell RC Hoiles' remain for the chance to report bad on any Commie country.
Oh, Donna...

Voodoo Glow Skulls are a bunch of prima donna putos. Because of them, the concert I invited BQ to tonight was cancelled. Can't reveal the reason why just yet (read it next week in the Rag!), but Voodoo Glow Skulls are prima donna putos, trust me.

Instead, BQ, R, and myself stayed at the JC Fandango parking lot and having fascinating conversations about music--mostly Colombian but also the bizarre music of Guerrero known as chilena. Awesome, awesome night. The Fabulous G Sisters stopped by and apologized for the cancellation, but it was OK.

I'd write more right now, but I need to tighten up 3,500 words. In the meanwhile...remember I can be sarcastic sometimes. Or just be an idiot. But I'm never malicious--that's just not me.

quinta-feira, agosto 28, 2003

Radio Days...

Came out on KPFK with Lalo Alcaraz. Talked about the madness of Vietnamese and Latina women duking it out, the Centro Cultural de Mexico, the Latin Alternative Music Conference and a slew of other delightful meanderings. Didn't hear it? Of course not. Shame on you. And here's a fan mail regarding it...

hey, you're superb on the radio! studs terkel himself would say so. you have a great knack for staying on point, keeping your tales entertaining and yet maintaining a good interplay w/ the host. thanks for the alert about your appearance...lalo's show was good and i was thrilled he closed with MaklooN's song. i've told him and everyone else who'll listen that MaklooN's doing some amazing stuff--the interview at http://www.sol-plus.net/88.htm#1 will lead you the the site

they should give you a show on LATV. you'd definitely be a boost if you had any time to do such things. or on kpfk...your own variation on Más FM...hey, your old 'friend' nativo lópez is on there sometimes now...whatever you do in whatever medium, don't ever stop. your recent coverage of the SA school board is as smart + fascinating as your music writing, and that's saying a lot

What a nice guy.

Going to JC Fandango later on with BQ for the Skandangolandia showcase. Taking him and friend (guy is an acquaintance of mine) to the most outlandish deal in the world.

Sorry I haven't linked up any wild stories as of recent, but I've been mondo busy. Hopefully, it will be worth it...

quarta-feira, agosto 27, 2003

Crying in the Chapel...

So a real update of This Modern Life hasn't been given for a while and the public demands it. Well, not really. Well, it's nice to see some people sure do enjoy this online rag. Now, from the top!


Was the wedding of my cousin JM to some guy. The guy used to like my sister--or vice-versa, can't remember. The wedding was nice, if ending a bit predictably, with me and The Boys outside talking about what losers we are. Of course, the main difference is that The Boys have girls. This Boy doesn't.

Afterwards, we retired to JM's house (of course, she was gone on a honeymoon--quick aside: isn't it strange to know when someone is going to have sex later on in the day? That's what a wedding is all about. And since I know nothing but good Catholic girls, those women are going to have sex for the first time. Kind of freaky to know that, no?) where we proceeded to play Knockout Kings. I summarily destroyed my opposition with my strategy to much of life--a ruthless offense with no defense whatsoever. JAM finally defeated me in an 11-round slugfest where we each knocked each other down about eight times. Completely fanciful boxing match? Hey, I didn't throw about 1,700 punches for nothing.

My mother was angry at me because I returned home at about three in the morning from playing boxing on the Game Cube. When she asked me what I did, I told her the truth. I think she was extremely disappointed in me--couldn't her son be out at least doing some bad stuff rather than being the enternal nerd?

As a previous post stated, saw Whale Rider. Earlier in the day, perused the mean streets of Riverside for some Santa Ana dirt. And as the rambling blog for Monday showed, I was disappointed yet again. Life is nothing but disappointments for me.

Work, work work!

Was treated by VT to Han's Homemade Ice Cream. Had some sort of pecan variety that was absolutely frozen. Afterwards, drove to Laguna Beach only to discover that I had to take her back home. Gee, thanks a lot for the meaningless drive. In all reality, 'twas fun--as always.

Earlier in the day, conducted many interviews. First, ate at Regina's Restaurant while interviewing the head of GBA Records for a story for the Rag. Then went on a ride-along with some activist guy--that's all I'll say for the moment. And the work day ended at my alma mater, Chapman University. There, talked to my former professor Paul Apodaca about a story I'm working on. I walked into his office while he was talking to two other students. Apodaca proceeded to sing my praises for the next half hour or so. Needless to say, I sat next to a cabinet that hid my blushing face.

I talked to Apodaca for about two hours then was about to leave when Bob Slayton walked in. I never had him as a professor at Chapman save for one class (American History through Film). God, what a missed opportunity. The man wrote the definitive biography of Al Smith, knows exactly the myth of whiteness in this country, and proceeded to extend the conversation another half hour by talking about how Czechs and Slovaks despised each other, Poles and Lithuanians hated each other, but all would vote for the Irish mayor because they knew the mick would screw everyone over evenly. Now that's academia!

Afterwards, Slayton waited for me and we talked for a bit more. The man is amazing--and Chapman is a much better school than I give credit.

I'll do the Rotten postings later on in the night. Labor Day is fast approaching, which typically signifies the end of summer. But for me, it is the start of life.

I'm finally reaching a point in this head where I will no longer tolerate much in terms of personal pain. I've been too much of a saint for too long and it's time for me to sin. Yea, right: for crying out loud, I have three separate Santo Ninos de Atocha in my car. How much more holy can you aspire to be?
So much damn work! I love it! My stomach doesn't!

terça-feira, agosto 26, 2003

All today was work, all today has been relatively great. A much lengthier post to follow...around midnight. Check then!

segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2003

Wanted to leave Uds. with the temptation of visiting the Rotten.com link, but I have to excerpt...

Animated features with even the slightest reference to alcohol (including rum cake), adultery, breasts, chewing tobacco, cross-dressing, gambling, marijuana, pornography, profanity, "rim jobs" (i.e. dogs licking each other), vaguely sexual or flirtatious situations, recreational sex toys (i.e. Tom from Tom and Jerry sticks a vacuum cleaner up Mammy Two-Shoes' skirt, producing giggles), smoking of any kind, suicides (i.e. a flusterated Daffy Duck blows his beak around in circles with a shotgun) - and even baby ducklings emerging from their shells in demure strip tease were deemed unacceptable. What's left to laugh at? Dora the Explorer? Rotten Dot Com is confident it speaks for all of us when we say screw that edumacational bullshit.


See, every June is June Bugs month at Cartoon Network, and it's a veritable Bugs Bunny marathon. Fearful of a potential backlash, AOL Time-Warner very nearly dropped a major anvil on Cartoon Network's proposed festival in 2001. Racially charged episodes were aired out of order, late at night with the following disclaimer:

"Cartoon Network does not endorse the use of racial slurs. These vintage cartoons are presented as representative of the time in which they were created and are presented for their historical value."

Historical value? Rock on. Which is Witch features Bugs Bunny in a classic Looney Tunes sequence of spear-chuckling, junglebunny slapstick. Broad-lipped, chocolate skinned natives populate a cannibalistic aborigine island of pure whimsy - and it would seem the young master Bugs is keen to participate! His first priority: blend in, through the ingenious use of a tightly coiled spring and tasteful table settings.

WHASSUP, doc?? Oh, that wascally wacist. How could America's best-loved wabbit be so blacktose intolerant?
Read the Rotten.com's entry on banned cartoons.

The week is shaping up to be hectic as hell. Bring it on!
These are the Riches of the Poor...

I cannot believe how angry I am right now! Such few things have pissed me off so as my morning conversation yesterday.

If I'm ambiguous regarding the particulars, it's because I have to. Rest assured, I'm not a hypocrite engaging in what I condemned--that would be...well, hypocritical.

This week shall be devoted to reducing the magazines stacked in my room, a fire hazard waiting to happen. The summer is almost over, and one of the two ambiguities in my life I resolved to fix has been resolved (I apologize for the lack of synonyms this early in the morning). The other one will be an open wound until I decide to put some Terramicina on it. Let's apply the sting...

I could write more--oh Lordy, I could write so much more. But even I have to keep secrets sometimes. The last thing I can say is that I'm proud of who I am. Or, as Cuco Sanchez beatifully sang.

No soy monedita de oro
Pa' caerles bien a todos
Asi naci y asi soy
Si no me quieren, ni modo.
Let us take steps to ensure that what happened Saturday shall never pass again...

domingo, agosto 24, 2003

Love me Do...

A man has his needs...which is to fuck, fuck, fuck!

I despise that opinion. I've heard much too many times uttered by women as of recent. The line is a goddamn lie--either that, or I'm not a man.

Let's get one thing clear before I continue on my rant--I love women. I love their kisses, their caresses, their bodies, all the good physical stuff (of course, I have to be attracted to them or they'll be as appealing to me as as asphalt). And I do get them urges on quite a regular basis.

But my appetite for randiness is also heavily tempered by my religious convictions. Am I one f the last people on the planet who actually thinks that the physical act of sex should be done more for the sake of emotion rather than its physical qualities? Am I the last man on the planet who won't bang a woman even if she's willing if the feelings aren't there?

The more I talk to people, the more it seems like it. For years, my best friends have been telling me to get with girls and not give a damn. Saw Sex and the City recently for the first time ever, and the premiere episode of the series deals with "women who have sex like men"--uncaring, and with no commitment.

Fuck that stupid sexual revolution shite. I would never do such a thing--I wouldn't be able to live with myself. If I'm going to be kissing any woman, it's going to be because I care for them, not necessarily because I want to invade their skirt. If all I cared about was the sex, I'd head straight to TJ and settle that quick--then I'd drink myself to death. Ain't going to happen.

(Interestingly enough, one of my exes once said I love like a woman--put too much emotion into it. I thank God she no longer is my girlfriend.)

I'm out of this place--but where to go? So few share my morals anymore as to make me the romantic equivalent of the passenger pigeon. I'm not being outlandish, either, when I compare myself to the plight of the bird. Read on here for info regarding the extinct bird.

And one final thing--for those people who think a kiss is more intimate than sex...this ain't Bizarro World.

I'm a hopeless romantic--emphasis on the hopeless. Time to reserve a time share in Tierra de Fuego.

Whale Rider with VT was excellent. Maori cinema is fab. My pockets hurt--not to mention the endless punching bag that is the heart.

And you may ask, what provoked this rant? Let's just say a morning conversation with someone made me lose faith in the person's character.

And now, reading the paper!
So the Pinochet Apologist refers to my journalims as "Michael Moore/Jayson Blair breezy style of reportage."

Might be cute if it wasn't so patronizingly insulting.

Pinochet Apologist, Blair is the journalistic equivalent of a pedophile in prison. Blair lied, made up scenarios, wrote stultifying copy--even the yellow journalists look down upon that. Are we sensationalistic? Absolutely. Biased? Everyone is. Liars? Never. If we make a mistake, we run it or let the readers rectify the situation themselves.

As for the Moore swipe, Moore is not a journalist. Any other accusations thrown my way?

PS, "Guti" is with one "t", not two. "Gutti" makes the name sound Teutonic rather than the Scandanavian from which it's derived.
Boxing is fun. Will have more info later.

sábado, agosto 23, 2003

From everyone's favorite Pinochet apologist...
In Defense of the Hack of Hacks

Gutti Arellano has been catching a lot of hell lately. But he delights in telling people he is a hack and is very open about the fact he works for a rag. So, with that information be comfortable with his excesses and lapses in fact checking. He isn't at a university or the New York Times or a think tank or whatever. He is comfortable churning out journalism that is tinged the appropriate shade of yellow. I think it goes very well with the Orange Curtain, don't you?

And I think the UCLA alumni is giving UCLA far too much credit. Aside from Professors Lessor, Apodaca and Eugene Volokh I can think of no other interesting people (aside from the Guttinator himself) that have emerged from UCLA.

Of course, if Gutti took my advice and did a year or two here, I'm sure his letters of rage would turn into notes of flattery and Pulitzer Prizes.

I like that title: The Hack of Hacks. Has a messianic ring to it, no? But the fact-checking swipe Pinochet Apologist takes at me is a bit unfair. Although the letter from the TCM prez says they do in fact show the films I accused them of shielding, that's not what he told me in a phone conversation. But that's another story.
Solamente Una Vez Ame en la Vida...

The RP remarked to me yesterday that I seem busier now than when I was attending UCLA and writing for the Rag full-time. I responded that while it may appear to be true, I'm available for hanging-out pleasure almost any time of the day. If I seem busy, it's because I don't want to be lonely. That simple.

She made those remarks sometime before seeing Madame Sata (there's a tilde over the last "a", but English-centric Blogger doesn't allow the use of accents or other such superfluous-to-English pronunciation thingies), a Brazilian film dealing with a famous drag king. OK film, although the highlight had to have been when eldery couples walked out en masse after a particularly graphic sex scene between two males. I don't think it was the actual sex act rather than it was a black and white together. Orange County might hate its queers, but methinks it hates the mixing of the races more.

Afterwards, the RP said we should hang out more but I icily stared ahead. She left a message on my voice mail saying that I was "looking particularly handsome these days." Ah, yes: the compliment with the insinuation. So I used to be ugly, eh? As nice and sexy as the compliment maybe, I approach it with apprehension--and let's leave it at that.

We went out early, so I went home around 8pm. Finding no one home and--more frightening--no food, paid a visit to Win Thai Cuisine, which I hadn't visited in about a year and a half. It was nice to see that the owner still remembered me and sent a canteen-big glass of lemonade my way. It was even nicer to see that it was packed on a Friday night in a block where there are two other Thai restaurants. The halal sign outside really works.

Going to a wedding today and a going-away party also--two things that are not in my foreseeable life.

quinta-feira, agosto 21, 2003

Sometimes I Wonder Why I Spend the Lonely Nights Dreaming of a Song...

Some love by the readers of the Rag...


Someone should tell Gustavo Arellano ["Brown Peril, Part Dos," Aug. 8] that when a small group of Latinos gets into an argument with a small group of Marines, and then returns with a much larger group of Latinos with knives, that is referred to as a gang. Get over it, Gus. I don’t know of any upstanding Latinos that would be driving around in the wee hours of the morning picking fights with Marines. And who other than a chickenshit gang member can go find several other knife-wielding idiots at the drop of a hat? Come on down to Capistrano, Gus, and you’ll find lots of Latino gang members tagging fences and walls, just dying to get into a fight with some outnumbered jarheads, because, well, what else is there to do when you’re a gang member who’s not in Santa Ana?

Frank LaMancha,
Ex-Marine in San Juan

Thank you for the article on Rosemarie Avila [Gustavo Arellano’s "Notes from the Banana Republic of Santa Ana," Aug. 1] and for letting your readers know who these folks are that are against government-funded after-school programs, free lunches and bilingual education! As a young parent, I feel and experience the challenges your article presents. My only question is, where can I send a check to show my support?! It is hardworking, insightful preservers of future generations, education and a unifying American culture that really are the modern heroes of today, and tomorrow. Long live Rosemarie Avila! Her support is legion, for they are many!

Gary Williams
Via e-mail

I was very disappointed to read your article about censorship of classic movies on television [Gustavo Arellano’s "Whitening Blackface," July 18], primarily because I agree completely with its premise. Unfortunately, your reporter got the facts wrong, at least with regard to Turner Classic Movies. As the senior vice president of programming for TCM, I can tell you categorically that we do not edit films that have offensive content. In fact, some of the specific examples that were cited (The Jazz Singer, Birth of a Nation, the Mexican Spitfire and Charlie Chan movies) often appear on our channel—completely unedited. While we don’t take pleasure in showing things that some viewers find offensive, we agree that these films are an important part of our cultural history, and that it would be a mistake to ignore them. A simple phone call to our office (or a look at the television listings) would have provided the reporter with this information.

Charlie Tabesh
Senior Vice President, Programming
Turner Classic Movies

I have to agree with Aldo Gutierrez [Letters, July 25] that Gustavo is lacking a real education. He drove his Chevy Impala to UCLA just so he can say that he went there. His education is from a very low-class college. I graduated UCLA and absolutely no one from the university writes like that. Hey, Gold Tooth Gustavo, this is American Indian territory not Mexican Indian so fly your weak flag in your own land. All you Mexicans keep screaming "Viva Mexico!" If you love it so much, go back home. Stop invading my country with your over-breeding, Mexican lingo and weak flag. Go home, Gold Tooth Gustavo!

Nyoka Whitefeather

What can I say except all the wrong people love me?
Let the character attacks begin!
A big announcement will be posted soon...but first I need to eat.

quarta-feira, agosto 20, 2003

That's the Sound of the Men Working on the Chain Gang...

The work just keeps piling on and on--and I wouldn't have it any other way. A hug once in a while would be nice, though...

Life is particularly uneventful right now, dominated by work. But my pockets don't hurt...at the moment.

In other news, Agusto Pinochet is still a bloodthirsty asshole no matter how you try to spin it.

terça-feira, agosto 19, 2003

Isn't this interesting...

Aug 19 1996

After Miss Universe Alicia Machado gains 40 pounds in just 3 months, she is ordered to lose 27 pounds in two weeks or forfeit the crown.
It's Getting Better All the Time (It Can't Get any Worse)...

The day was relatively well, although it could have been better. A certain someone got an offer to work for the government--I, sadly, can never talk to them again. But when I read their emails...

There's stories to be told, but I'll tell them later. But I will tell them later.

segunda-feira, agosto 18, 2003

So nice an email!

This email is to formally invite you to attend the Latin Alternative Showcase featuring 4 of the best local bands in the scene : Voz de Mano, Curanderos, Cabula and Silvestre this Wednesday August 20th at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. I will have your name plus one guest in the will call window. Thank you in advance for your support of the local alternative scene.
Please, Please, Please Let me Get the One that I Want...

Had dinner with VT at Eva's Caribbean Kitchen in scenic South Laguna. I was actually surpised as to how good my curry potatoes were--a Madras curry as green as a leaf, the potatoes firm and magically teeming with butter inside, sauteed onions giving the entire thing a nice, heavy flavor. The Puerto Rican rice, however, needs more zing. The evening was fabulous, of course.

Afterwards, worked on some stuff for the rag and got a call from JR. Needless to say, it was a surprise--I hadn't spoken to her in about six months. Conversation was pleasant, if thankfully short-lived--she no longer pertains to Southern California.

Ended the night at JC Fandango's with the Fabulous G Sisters to check out Plastilina Mosh. Fine, although I was starting to sleep by the end. I apologize, but DJs do not excite me. Give me banda.

And now, sleep.

domingo, agosto 17, 2003

Daily Rotten time!

Scientists are stunned to see a whale fart.

I'm not a fan of scatalogical humor, so I'll pass on any comments.

Hmong gang member threatens victims' family with curse in courtroom.

Used to have a Hmong friend--was my coworker at the Family Fun Center (now know by the so-hage name Boomers!). We were know for being the hardest workers in the park and for opening everything on time and properly. Don't know what happened to him except he once tried to kiss my ex.

Homosexuals are the "pinnacle of evolution."

Just because they're playful and childlike, according to the scientist who made the claim? If jejunity constitutes the ubermensch, please let me remain a Neanderthal.

Chile now must pay the victims of torture who suffered through the Agusto Pinochet regime.

The clincher:

Chile's population is divided sharply between those who blame Mr Pinochet, now aged 87, for abuses and those who praise him for creating economic stability.

PSS falls under the latter category--proudly, I might add.

Doctor gets decapitated in hospital elevator.

Horrible, horrible, horrible. And of course it reminds me of the following exchange between Krusty the Klown and the Springfield press:

Kent: This just in: Krusty the Klown staged a press conference today to defend himself against charges that his products are unsafe, his theme park is a death trap, and that he's marketing videos of Tanya Harding's wedding night.

Krusty: And I contend that those tourists were decapitated before they entered the KrustyLand House of Knives. Next question?

Woman: What about that little boy who got appendicitis from eating your cereal?

[shot of Bart with Lionel Hutz]

Krusty: To prove that this metal O is harmless, I will personally eat one. [takes a mouthful] See? There's nothing -- [starts screaming and writhing] Oh, boy! This thing is shredding my insides.

Sideshow Mel: Er, Krusty, that wasn't the metal one, that was a regular Krusty O.

Krusty [groaning]: It's poison!


sábado, agosto 16, 2003

Greatest line ever courtesy of Rotten.com Library's Jesus entry

The great Js all die young — Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jesus.
A better post will happen as soon as I eat.
Damn it, damn it, damn it!

I had a long post and me the savvy web surfer that I am erased it. So now, I'll allow links to tell my Friday night.

My previous night of fun that the entire male world partakes in except me.

Latin Alternative Music Conference

Lalo Alcaraz

pinche funny pocho.

Michael Ramirez studied at UCI!!!

His FBI fiasco

9 Chickweed Lane

The Rag

The Other Rag

Johnnie Walker

Newspaper diversity

Al Borde


Advice from Lalo to me: "Never date artists. They're all insane!" My response: "Too late!"

Javier Castellanos

JC Fandango

Lee's Sandwiches

The last words I spoke to Lalo after we stumbled into the parking garage at Hollywood and Highland only to discover our cars were on the street-level floor: "Are you going to be all right?"

And here I am, nursing no sense of a hangover at all.

Whoever can give the best narrative of my Friday night will be treated to an evening of cheap delicious food at Lee's Sandwiches by me. Any entries?

Better post to follow soon. And for you Marey Carey freaks--give me Houston.

sexta-feira, agosto 15, 2003

God damn it! One good thing happens only to be influenced by a bad thing. Bad!
Only from Daily Rotten...

Aug 15 1994

International terrorist Carlos the Jackal is jailed in France. The assassin was turned over by the Sudanese government after he checked into a Khartoum hospital for varicose vein surgery on one of his testicles.

quinta-feira, agosto 14, 2003


More details to come soon. In the meanwhile...concerts!
Dear Sir or Madam, Will you Read my Book?

Went to LAMC, part I last night. No major discoveries--except for the room next door, where the anti-LAMC proved my theory that the best bands are the roughest, least-known, and most loyal to provinciality. More details to come...

Much, much work out there that shouldn't be necessary but is because even the alternative press doesn't know what the hoi polloi prefers.

And for those of you who are looking up info regarding Marey Carey...she's not hot at all. Look up pictures of Janene instead.

quarta-feira, agosto 13, 2003

And now...despots!

Idi Amin is on his deathbed.

The report from the Rotten.com library...and here's an excertp...

The former dictatorial leader of Uganda from 1971-1979, Idi Amin has been called "One of the most batshit loco leaders ever to seize control of a chaotic African nation." (Actually, we call him that, but he's been called much worse.)

Other dictators might find their enemies to be targets, threats, or terror: Amin found them tasty: "After his coup of his predecessor, Apolo Milton Obote, Amin rounded up the military leaders that did not support his coup, murdered them, decapitated them and sat their disembodied heads around the presidential dining table, scolding them for not supporting him, and taking bites of their flesh."

And now Agusto Pinochet is giving his lackeys advice on how to avert human rights courts...

Once again, Rotten...

After the people of Chile inadvertently elected a communist for president, General Pinochet did what he had to. Which was assassinate President Salvador Allende. Upon gaining power, Pinochet reformed many of Allende's disastrous policies.

One of Allende's failed initiatives involved not sending death squads to kidnap, torture, and murder his political enemies. This was Pinochet's first policy reversal.

Pinochet handed a list of names to one of his generals and gave orders to have them killed. The general assembled a death squad, jumped into a helicopter, and visited a few towns. He checked off the victims as they were eliminated, 71 people in all. This mission would later become known as the "Caravan of Death."

Thousands of leftists, unionists, and various other troublemakers were rounded up and held in concentration camps for up to three years. Many were interrogated, tortured, and killed. Whereas the Allende government had for all practical purposes given up applying electrical voltage to genitalia, Pinochet brought the country back to its core ideals.

PSS is a fan of Pinochet.

And though there's not corresponding link, I have to include Pol Pot's entry in its entirety simply because it's too brilliant to ignore...


Single-handedly responsible for making Cambodian cuisine the "rare delicacy" that it is today (due to the fact that there are hardly any Cambodians remaining: "pol pot stickers are to die for!") this ex-Buddhist monk realized at a late age that the key to all existence, and all great food, "is suffering" "served on a succulent bed of skulls!" He ranks in the 7 Digit Club along with genocidal pals "Josef Stalin, Mao, and Adolf Hitler" for helping almost 2 million of his countrymen (20% of the population) leave this mortal coil "for spicier lands". This kingmaker's innovation of "killing fields" paved the way for future genocidal leaders to corner the market on "all-natural lye" and lit up the Hollywood sky by "igniting John Malkovich's rocketship to fame!" His economic, cultural, and culinary contributions to all civilizations "truly rival Martha Stewart's".

terça-feira, agosto 12, 2003

Hoy Es...Un Dia Fenomenal...

Nice to see William Pierce's legacy is alive and well.

For those who don't know the racist side of humanity like I do, I direct you to Pierce's The Turner Diaries.. Since few of you will actually click on the link, following are hilarious excerpts courtesy of the Rotten.com library. I've posted them here before, but they're too good to be ignored...

Like his protagonist Earl Turner, Pierce himself was a zealot who aspired to go down in Whitey History. His self-appointed role was that of the Thomas Paine of his movement, whose works were intended to motivate the White Man into restoring our nation's racially-intolerant glory. Of course, the Founding Fathers never advocated premeditated genocide or the slaughtering of whole cities. But Pierce was probably confident that if George Washington could have known that the mongrels would eventually take control of his beloved democracy, the Father of Our Country would have personally launched a global extermination campaign against the alien races.

As literature, of course, it's nothing but an abject failure. The writing is stiff, the characters are ridiculously one-dimensional, the plot monotonous, and the premise as droll as you can get. The end result comes off sounding like it was written by a skinhead stuck in study hall for a week with nothing else to do.

Above all, the book is just plain boring. But if you read it for insight into the dreams of a committed white supremacist, it might be worthwhile. Just be sure to keep an abundant supply of caffeine handy.

Now, the personal updates...

Not really sure what to say. Lots of work, not enough fun--although yesterday and Sunday were fun with VT. Tomorrow will be fun also, since I'll be at the LAMC, as will be most of my days until Saturday. Don't think I have any letters to post, although some will come soon.

And for those directed to this site because you're pervs wanting to see pictures of Marey Carey...if Luke Ford doesn't have a bio on a porn star, she ain't a porn star. There is no bio of Marey Carey on Luke Ford--therefore, she's not a porn star.

segunda-feira, agosto 11, 2003

Saw the Angels squeeze past the White Sox today with VT. Let me tell you, going to a game with someone who actually loves the game is great--especially when the person is also great outside of their knowledge of the sport. Couldn't really talk, though, since I have those pesky ampollas in my mouth again. I've never known how to translate them into English--mouth ulcers? canker sores? But regardless, they're painful as hell.

Over 150 people visited this site in just this day, nearly all typing in the term "Marey Carey for governor." People--this ain't her site. She's an ugly skank who's only put her name in the race so that people could buy her trashy pornos? You want to ogle someone? Go for Jenna. Or Ashlyn Gere--that is, if she's still around.

Now, off to bed. I shall give a more thorough update soon, I swear. Then again, what else is there to say except I think I'm suffering from Steve Blass disease again?!?!?!
I've Just Seen a Face...

If you really care, you'll go to the Saturn-like graphic at the top left of this infernal blog. You will notice that 56 fookin' people read this blog today, shattering any previous record. But this ain't my beloved (although some are): most every hit involves the combination of keywords "Marey Carey", that porno star that isn't even hot and conjures up images of both Mariah Carey and Harry Carry. Blech.

The negative to all these hits is that I will not be able to determine the true audience of this website for a while--how many of Uds. regular actually read this damn thing. Your numbers have been increasing, but will they?

Speaking of this infernal blog, I finally got to meet VT, a regular reader of my daily rant. Took her to Lee's Sandwiches, where--bizarrely enough--we didn't order any sandwiches. Next time we will. Fabulous conversations--she's an Angels fan. Yes, I told her I was sorry. Grand night had by all--at least me.

But now, sleep. Another week of madness awaits. But first, Rotten History!

Aug 11 1984

Not realizing that his weekly radio address is already on the air, President Ronald Reagan quips into his live microphone: "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes."

domingo, agosto 10, 2003

For all the people directed to this website because you sought to learn more info regarding porn "star" Marey Carey's bid for the California gubernatorial race... Marey Carey ain't even hot. I nominate Jenna Jameson for president!
Dime que Todo Esto es Mio...

Part of an email to someone will suffice as an update for the moment...

I've learned to separate my separate circle of friends and appreciate each segment for what they represent. Example: yesterday, I played cards with my Boys, the guys I grew up with. They're all blue collar workers--two delivery men, one guy who cuts fiberglass for a living. Could care less about politics or my other interests. But I love hanging out with them because they're like brothers with me. We don't do it as often any more, being that we all have lives and they have women (while I don't), but I still treasure my time with them because I'm able to not care about anything other than how much money I have lost.

Afterwards, though, I hung out with my political friends--people so radical they probably think I'm conservative. I enjoyed spending time with them also--another side of me was nurtured. We went to a concert and had a blast.
Koalas having too much sex in Australia.

There was also an article in the Los Angeles Times Magazine about the overpopulation of wolves in Yellowstone Park and the difficulty rangers have in controlling the population. Similar occurrences have happened with buffalo and some birds.

Will have an update later in the day. Meanwhile, let's talk Simpsons...wait, I just got kicked off the Internet. Here we go again!

sábado, agosto 09, 2003

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay...

What was supposed to be a day of appetite adventure has instead turned into a waiting game. Am supposed to take my sister to some auto shop in SanTana where she is to pick up her car. This was supposed to happen at 1pm--it's almost 2:30 and my afternoon is done.

Am playing cards later on with the Boys, but am leaving early because I have to cover a concert for the Other Rag. It'll be fun to see the Boys and fun to go to the concert, also--nothing like getting paid for your research, eh?

I, as always, am melancholy. It's almost about time I move to Tierra de Fuego, far from the maddening crowd.
Our boys in blue, courtesty of Daily Rotten...

Aug 9 1997

Officers of Brooklyn's 70th precinct sodomize 30 year old Haitian immigrant Abner Louima with a toilet plunger, then insert the feces-contaminated plunger into Louima's mouth. Later, NYPD officials try feebly to dismiss the suspect's injuries as having resulted from ordinary homosexual activity, but a medical examination proves that to be inconsistent with the evidence.

sexta-feira, agosto 08, 2003

I'm absolutely miserable. What a roller coaster ride I provide for Uds., que no?

Will I provide reasons for my downbeat view? You'll have to ask individually. In the meanwhile, let's just say that the old standby ingratitude is rearing its ugly head right now.

quinta-feira, agosto 07, 2003

And That's the Rest of the Story...

Absolutely uneventful today--besides the reprimanding, sparks, and so forth. But I have to work and I think I'm coming down with something. My pockets hurt.

In the meanwhile, read the links below!

There is no timeline for anything anymore. Just roll with the flow.
Hachi Machi!...

First, some letters published in last week for the Rag...

Viva Gustavo! In your article "Joe Dunn Fights for Mexicans" ["Repatriate Act" July 25], you touched upon the culture shock an American girl experienced when she was unjustly deported. I can very much relate to this. I have lived in this country for 15 years, and I was never asked when I was four whether I wanted to be a gringa. Much like my legal status, my identity is in limbo. I am not American enough to avoid being called a "beaner" and not Mexican enough to be welcomed by my cousins in Mexico who constantly criticize my Spanish and my "American" ways. I was also pleased with your response in Spanish to dumbass Mr. Gutierrez. I think that it is important to the culture of us non-Mexican yet not-Americans to understand and accept one another and unite, as I assume was your point in the response to his letter. I would also like to point out to Mr. Gutierrez that I do go to a Cal State. ¿¡Y QUE CHINGADOS IMPORTA!? Thank you, Mr. Arellano, for speaking on behalf of those of us without an accurate label; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brenda N. Gonzalez-Gomez
Via e-mail

As a scholar of racial imagery in American movies for the past dozen years, I concur with Gustavo Arellano’s critique of Fox Movie Channel’s decision to cancel its Charlie Chan retrospective ["Whitening Blackface," July 18]. Our ability to understand how popular ideas about race and culture get communicated in popular film will be greatly hampered if television, the primary medium for exhibiting older movies, alters their content in order to placate the admittedly legitimate concerns of well-intentioned interest groups. It might interest your readers that, during the era in which the Charlie Chan pictures were produced, they were seen as somewhat socially progressive. The Chan series’ insistence that its hero intermingle within and serve the aims of "white" society and its casting of Asian actors in prominent supporting roles reflects what historian Larry May labels the "Big Tomorrow"—a movie-based ideology in which American egalitarian values ultimately redeem popular democracy. Sadly, Euro-American culture ensured that this inclusive vision express itself in the form of minstrelsy, which exaggerated the most egregious differences of minorities from "white" norms of speech and customs and denied them a full accounting of their humanity on the screen. The racism of the Charlie Chan series therefore differs from earlier, more blatantly racist films, such as Birth of a Nation, in that it represents a failed liberal attempt to exhibit American values of inclusion in a style that paradoxically insists that certain racial groups inherently fail to fully assimilate into the nation’s "white" cultural norms.

John Anderson
Department of History
California State University, Fullerton

Cool, the academics like me. But here's another letter dissing a long-ago article I wrote arguing that illegal immigrants should be granted driver's licenses...

Read your story and now a reply from the other side of the coin.

The short versions; My brother was killed by a drunk, licensed illegal.

This country does not belong to the world. That's something you and others have to get a grip on. Just because a country next door to the US is a societal failure to millions and millions, does not mean they have a God given right to invade this country, break voted upon laws and steal from the tax payers for social and educational services. Schools are hospitals are broke because of this invasion. The state is broke because the tax payers can't afford to support the infrastructure and take care of the millions of economic refugees that have invaded California.

There are about five billion economic refugees that would love to come here and take advantage of the largess that exists in our nation but we can't afford to absorb every hard luck story that comes out of Mexico or otherwise and the fact they've come here "illegally" means they don't have a right to be here.

I'm angry as hell as my brother is dead because of liberal, feel good attitudes towards those that are illegally breaking into this country. The person that killed my brother, is alive and well. He was uninsured, with a valid California drivers license that he shouldn't have had and if he wasn't here, my brother would be alive.

So I blame you and all the liberals for my brother's death because you don't see the reality of your feel good attitudes.

The fact they come here as economic refugees mean that they can't get a decent job and won't be able to afford insurance. This is not good.

Think about it the next time some poor guy, that just wants the best for himself, breaks into your home to steal what you've worked hard to aquire. You shouldn't have to rely on insurance to protect your vehicle or home against uninsured, illegals. Just because you want better for yourself and your family is not reason enough to go around invading countries and breaking their laws. Either we're a country of laws or we're not. We can't go around making our decisions on whether or not it makes us feel good.

They don't belong here and if they want to be here, they're welcome to come here, legally.

What's wrong with legal and following the law? To inconvenient?

No response on my part, only because I don't like to make people who lost a family member look like an idiot...

Now--articles! And my own personal day to follow the many articles I have to comment on...

Turns out the Catholic Church is Mafia-like after all.

Think John Paul II should be called Johnny Paulie Tightlips now? As a Catholic, I can get away with these jokes--I cite the Seinfeld episode where Jerry suspects that a dentist switched to Judaism just to tell Jewish jokes. I should see that show more often.

So it's Muslims, not Jews, who are intent on taking over the world.

I have a certain friend who always brings up how evil Muslims are in every conversation we have had for the past year. Last time we met--actually, second to last time--he actually brought out paperwork which he said proved the nefarity of Islaim. Problem is, he's not a student of religion or religious history. I usually entertain him for a while--until he starts ranting about "ragheads." Then the conversation is over.

The platform of candidate Larry Flynt...

First off, read a biography of Hustler's father from the Rotten.com library..

OK, now here's the gist of his campaign from the story...

[Flynt] also said he would expand gambling, consider legalizing prostitution and drugs, and declare an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Man's got my vote!

I'm telling you, Norway is a fucked-up country.

My good friend NS is from there. He concurs.

So Gary Coleman wants to run for governor.

Campaign is being funded by the East Bay Express, the alternative paper for Oakland/Berkeley, and owned by the evil New Times Corporation (I'm supposed to say that because I'm employed by the saintly Village Voice Media).

Here's their strategy. Damnit, we should have done it.

BTW, it's Sir Gary Coleman, per the Simpsons.

So is sex nothing more than a physical act?

Here's the proof:

They also say they have evidence, from surveys of students, to indicate that sex tends to be more energetic if the women is suspected of cheating, or if the couple has been apart - suggesting a sub-conscious desire on the part of the man to rid his partner of any trace of another's semen.

And here I go about, only wanting to make love to others. What a fool. Too bad--I'm going to be a fool for the rest of my life.

Elizabeth Taylor allegedly had sex with her gay butler.

Could care less about this story except for the following excerpt...

Taylor's lawyers called the suit a "work of complete fiction" that would be defended.

They say Van Muyden was fired because he hired illegal aliens and "threatened members of Taylor's household".

For some reason, I seriously doubt Ms. Taylor would be opposed to hiring illegal immigrants to do her housework. The cheaper the better, no?

A worker's racist comments is excused because he suffered a stroke.

Only in Amerikkka...

"Jerry suffered a stroke about two weeks before this happened," Wagner said. "When you have a stroke, sometimes things change in your brain."

What else needs to be said about that?

Scratch-and-sniff manure.

Stupid city folks moving into the country and complainin'. There was a great article in the Los Angeles Times regarding this phenomena--wished I had it in my archives.

Larry Flynt gets sued for sexual harrassment.

So the woman found sex toys in the washers. Did she know what company she worked for?! (Yes, my comments can be construed as idiotically short-sighted--but I suffer from myopia anyway).

Look at her face...

And admire her courage and beautiful soul.

Are you still reading? Then I salute you for your obsession with my words. I'm sad.

Marey Carey runs for governor.

I don't even know who the hell she is, but the more porno stars in government, the better. Look at Cicciolina.

And you gotta love Carey's political positions...

Carey said her platform includes taxing breast implants to generate revenue; hiring adult film stars to help negotiate better wholesale electricity prices; and creating a "Porno for Pistols '' program, where gun owners can to swap their weapons for X-rated films.

"If more guys had orgasms, they'd be less violent,'' said Carey, who said she'd run as an Independent.

Her solution to global warming?

"Wear less clothes.''

Too bad Larry Flynt has my vote already.

Breast nearly keep woman runner out of race.

For some reason, I find this story hard to believe.

Alberto Fujimori wants to return.

When I was younger, I found it inconceivable that an Asian could be a Latino. Now that I'm older, I'm not shocked by anything racial in this mongrel world.
The World is Treating me Bad...Misery...

Went to Laguna yesterday with CP. Ah, Laguna--where I feel good yet worse at the same time. More of the same yesterday, although none of the bad was caused by CP. She's a good friend who I don't see that often anymore. We got soaked a couple of times, but then it was back home, where I began feeling violently ill and slept early. Feel better today, but that wasn't good. Will have more of an update later on today...if I'm not too busy.

quarta-feira, agosto 06, 2003

I've Got to Dance to Keep from Cryin'...

See what happens when you go about exposin' people? When you want their assitance, they won't give it to you! And let's leave it at that.

Introduced even more people to the wonders of Lee's Sandwiches today. Buncha Mexicans from SanTana. I felt a bit of an outsider since I was the only non-Santanan (is that how you say it?) there.

You know what? I'm moving to Mexico to get away from it all. Oh wait--everyone from Mexico moved up here to get away from it all over there. Let the fun begin!

terça-feira, agosto 05, 2003

Let the ulcers begin...again!
It Doesn't Really Matter Anymore...

Great article on summer boredom in today's LA Times...aw fuck, now you have to register separately for Calendar Live!?!

This is what's afflicting me--badly. At work--whether work consists of interviewing, eating out, hearing a concert, or reading Daily Rotten--I am invigorated, full of motivation. When I get home, depression sets in. I'm sleeping around 11:30 nowadays--that's not good. I still wake up at 6 in the morning, thank goodness. But I need some excitement in my life, someone that will be my foil, all that gooey romantic crap.

Do you realize...that the last two times someone told me "I love you" (in a romantic sense), they went on to crush my soul no more than two weeks later? And that that was the only time each person ever said it?

Enough melancholy. I direct you to the words of a new friend, Chastity (not her real name--I do believe she has a fascination with many things English, although why she would give herself a Puritan name is beyond me. Why doesn't she go all the way and call herself Chastity Goodwife?). Works as a librarian in Cal State Fullerton and other locations. Met her at a JC Fandango concert, although she found my blog by...I'm not sure. Funny gal and much better versed in Latin alternative than me. Everyone is, for that matter. On her blog, she refers to me as Mr. Big Words, although I'm not quite sure why--maybe Mr. Alliteration, but I really don't use that man big words. Permanent link will be added soon in my Links of Infamy.

Now, for a solemn history lesson...

Aug 5 1962
In her Brentwood, California home, Marilyn Monroe dies in bed, naked, after swallowing an overdose of sleeping pills. Or maybe she's killed by the CIA with a barbiturate enema. Either way, she's dead.

And join our soon-to-be governor Larry Flynt in praying for Bill O'Reilly's health.

segunda-feira, agosto 04, 2003

Woke up, Got Out of Bed, Ran a Comb Across my Hair...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Orbitz.com games? What they are are pop-up ads that allow you to play an electronic game--try to strike out a batter, spike a volleyball, a Frogger rip-off involving a bellboy and a damsel needing some luggage love, and many other entertaining diversions. Once you finish the game, you are then directed to the Orbitz website, where you find great deals on airline tickets--or so I hear. Once that page pops up, I close it and continue to play the game. Might as well play something--don't play any other games.

And now, my hectic week!


Was all about El Gran Silencio. Invited NS and KC as my guests. El Gran Silencio took their bloody time to appear, though--they were still doing a sound check at 10:30PM. But when the show started, it started. I left around 2:30 in the morning and they were still playing, vowing to continue until six in the morning. I had to leave--I would have had only three hours of sleep (which I eventually fulfilled) and was wet with the sweat of other people after I danced my solitary cumbia in the pit.

Spent the rest of Friday trying to work on some stories, then travelled up to LA to visit the Tribe. WG is leaving us for Rice University, where she is planning to get her master's degree in architecture. Didn't know her long enough but I'm sure I'll hear her name again in the future.

Afterwards, went to CS's house, where they were having a welcome-back party for her brother S. Spent a year studying in UNAM, is just as great as the rest of the family. I drank tequila--rivers of it. I'm fine.


Moped--bad. I realized I have too big of a heart after I gave a gift to WG as a going-away token. "Wow, you actually remembered," she told me after I handed to her the Banda El Recodo CD I promised her. "I would have forgotten."

The same situation happened at a later party for SD, who's leaving the Rag for a 1am-5am M-F slot at KJAZZ. I was the only person to have brought her a gift. Why? Am I really that giving and altruistic of a person? Of course not, but I have a hard time believing the opposite--that people nowadays are inconsiderate bastards. Then again, that's what I always say.

The party was at WS's house, and we had a satisfying time. I ate much of some spread that had asparagus but that I mistook for potatoes. Everyone laughed at me--as they usually do. According to WS, a beautiful clerk checked me out when we went to Ralph's. I had a hard time believing that. Maybe I shouldn't?


Worked--and some carne asada.

Now...articles!So the Klu Klux Klan can't hold a party if their white robes depended on it.

Sometimes, I pity the Klan. I remember that my high school history textbook had a picture of the Klan marching down a city downtown during the 1920s. It wasn't until I was in college that I learned that the picture was taken in my hometown of Anaheim. And white supremacists still try to organize rallies or scenes, as the Nazi shows at the Shack show. But this country is slowly becoming a big mongrelized mess--and we will be the better for it. Purity is a sham, whether you claim Nordics, Aztecs, or God know what other loser culture as pristine and free of outside influences.

Liberia's fighters kill each other while wearing women's clothing.

This is an excellent article going into the rationale behind why so many Liberian fighters dress so outlandishly. As to counter our Westernized thought system, the writer offers the following thought...

Though the accoutrements and garb look bizarre to Western eyes, they are, in a sense, variations on the camouflage uniforms and face paint American soldiers use to bolster their sense of invisibility (and, therefore, immunity) during combat. Since flak jackets or infrared goggles aren’t available to the destitute Liberian fighters, they opt for evening gowns and frilly blouses.

So does that mean all Marines dress divine?

Larry Flynt, California' next governor?

If the man runs, I will help his campaign in any way possible. And I mean it. This will be the only campaign I will ever volunteer for. The man is a genius.

Boy feared killed by ecstasy appeared in anti-drugs film

The title says it all. Ah, the irony. Think of the irony! Excuse my Simpsons relapse.

Vietnamese guy gets electrocuted while performing karaoke at home.

Still not certain why karaoke is so popular amongst Asians, especially Vietnamese. One Vietnamese lady (which shall remain symbol-less) once told me the Vietnamese culture is severely repressed and couldn't publicly enjoy itself. I think she was speaking about herself more than her culture.

A car crash reveals a racist church in Louisiana.

Greatest revelation since the Whore of Babylon.

A quick aside...I just realized I would make my job easier by just directing Uds. every day to Daily Rotten. But then I wouldn't be able to insert my pithy remarks. Oh well. Back to the linking!

Cashiers made to wear diapers in Argentina to avoid having to take bathroom breaks.

Guess Argentina was flushed down the toilet--I can be more clever, but I'm not much of a scatalogical-humor guy. I'm not much of a humor guy, period.

The Swedes have a racist pastry.

It's name? Negro ball. Oy vey. This is the same culture that gave the English language the word "niggardly."

Christian nudists--the title says it all.

Joseph Stalin wanted John Wayne assasinated.

Shows how truly demented Stalin was. He should have gone after Mickey Rooney.

And that's all for tonight. I'm marginally better.

domingo, agosto 03, 2003

Aug 3 1996

An angry God makes "Macarena" by Los Del Rio #1 on the pop charts. The accompanying dancing disease afflicts millions before final eradication.

By the way, I'm miserable yet again. I realised I give too much without getting anything in return, let alone a comparable quid pro quo.
Patience, party people--I will have many things to say soon. In the meanwhile, read through my archives and see how my sanity has come apart in the two years since I've had this blog. Two years!

sexta-feira, agosto 01, 2003

El Gran Silencio, man...El Gran Silencio!