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domingo, agosto 17, 2003

Daily Rotten time!

Scientists are stunned to see a whale fart.

I'm not a fan of scatalogical humor, so I'll pass on any comments.

Hmong gang member threatens victims' family with curse in courtroom.

Used to have a Hmong friend--was my coworker at the Family Fun Center (now know by the so-hage name Boomers!). We were know for being the hardest workers in the park and for opening everything on time and properly. Don't know what happened to him except he once tried to kiss my ex.

Homosexuals are the "pinnacle of evolution."

Just because they're playful and childlike, according to the scientist who made the claim? If jejunity constitutes the ubermensch, please let me remain a Neanderthal.

Chile now must pay the victims of torture who suffered through the Agusto Pinochet regime.

The clincher:

Chile's population is divided sharply between those who blame Mr Pinochet, now aged 87, for abuses and those who praise him for creating economic stability.

PSS falls under the latter category--proudly, I might add.

Doctor gets decapitated in hospital elevator.

Horrible, horrible, horrible. And of course it reminds me of the following exchange between Krusty the Klown and the Springfield press:

Kent: This just in: Krusty the Klown staged a press conference today to defend himself against charges that his products are unsafe, his theme park is a death trap, and that he's marketing videos of Tanya Harding's wedding night.

Krusty: And I contend that those tourists were decapitated before they entered the KrustyLand House of Knives. Next question?

Woman: What about that little boy who got appendicitis from eating your cereal?

[shot of Bart with Lionel Hutz]

Krusty: To prove that this metal O is harmless, I will personally eat one. [takes a mouthful] See? There's nothing -- [starts screaming and writhing] Oh, boy! This thing is shredding my insides.

Sideshow Mel: Er, Krusty, that wasn't the metal one, that was a regular Krusty O.

Krusty [groaning]: It's poison!