A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, agosto 10, 2003

Dime que Todo Esto es Mio...

Part of an email to someone will suffice as an update for the moment...

I've learned to separate my separate circle of friends and appreciate each segment for what they represent. Example: yesterday, I played cards with my Boys, the guys I grew up with. They're all blue collar workers--two delivery men, one guy who cuts fiberglass for a living. Could care less about politics or my other interests. But I love hanging out with them because they're like brothers with me. We don't do it as often any more, being that we all have lives and they have women (while I don't), but I still treasure my time with them because I'm able to not care about anything other than how much money I have lost.

Afterwards, though, I hung out with my political friends--people so radical they probably think I'm conservative. I enjoyed spending time with them also--another side of me was nurtured. We went to a concert and had a blast.