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sábado, agosto 23, 2003

From everyone's favorite Pinochet apologist...
In Defense of the Hack of Hacks

Gutti Arellano has been catching a lot of hell lately. But he delights in telling people he is a hack and is very open about the fact he works for a rag. So, with that information be comfortable with his excesses and lapses in fact checking. He isn't at a university or the New York Times or a think tank or whatever. He is comfortable churning out journalism that is tinged the appropriate shade of yellow. I think it goes very well with the Orange Curtain, don't you?

And I think the UCLA alumni is giving UCLA far too much credit. Aside from Professors Lessor, Apodaca and Eugene Volokh I can think of no other interesting people (aside from the Guttinator himself) that have emerged from UCLA.

Of course, if Gutti took my advice and did a year or two here, I'm sure his letters of rage would turn into notes of flattery and Pulitzer Prizes.

I like that title: The Hack of Hacks. Has a messianic ring to it, no? But the fact-checking swipe Pinochet Apologist takes at me is a bit unfair. Although the letter from the TCM prez says they do in fact show the films I accused them of shielding, that's not what he told me in a phone conversation. But that's another story.