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quinta-feira, agosto 07, 2003

Hachi Machi!...

First, some letters published in last week for the Rag...

Viva Gustavo! In your article "Joe Dunn Fights for Mexicans" ["Repatriate Act" July 25], you touched upon the culture shock an American girl experienced when she was unjustly deported. I can very much relate to this. I have lived in this country for 15 years, and I was never asked when I was four whether I wanted to be a gringa. Much like my legal status, my identity is in limbo. I am not American enough to avoid being called a "beaner" and not Mexican enough to be welcomed by my cousins in Mexico who constantly criticize my Spanish and my "American" ways. I was also pleased with your response in Spanish to dumbass Mr. Gutierrez. I think that it is important to the culture of us non-Mexican yet not-Americans to understand and accept one another and unite, as I assume was your point in the response to his letter. I would also like to point out to Mr. Gutierrez that I do go to a Cal State. ¿¡Y QUE CHINGADOS IMPORTA!? Thank you, Mr. Arellano, for speaking on behalf of those of us without an accurate label; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brenda N. Gonzalez-Gomez
Via e-mail

As a scholar of racial imagery in American movies for the past dozen years, I concur with Gustavo Arellano’s critique of Fox Movie Channel’s decision to cancel its Charlie Chan retrospective ["Whitening Blackface," July 18]. Our ability to understand how popular ideas about race and culture get communicated in popular film will be greatly hampered if television, the primary medium for exhibiting older movies, alters their content in order to placate the admittedly legitimate concerns of well-intentioned interest groups. It might interest your readers that, during the era in which the Charlie Chan pictures were produced, they were seen as somewhat socially progressive. The Chan series’ insistence that its hero intermingle within and serve the aims of "white" society and its casting of Asian actors in prominent supporting roles reflects what historian Larry May labels the "Big Tomorrow"—a movie-based ideology in which American egalitarian values ultimately redeem popular democracy. Sadly, Euro-American culture ensured that this inclusive vision express itself in the form of minstrelsy, which exaggerated the most egregious differences of minorities from "white" norms of speech and customs and denied them a full accounting of their humanity on the screen. The racism of the Charlie Chan series therefore differs from earlier, more blatantly racist films, such as Birth of a Nation, in that it represents a failed liberal attempt to exhibit American values of inclusion in a style that paradoxically insists that certain racial groups inherently fail to fully assimilate into the nation’s "white" cultural norms.

John Anderson
Department of History
California State University, Fullerton

Cool, the academics like me. But here's another letter dissing a long-ago article I wrote arguing that illegal immigrants should be granted driver's licenses...

Read your story and now a reply from the other side of the coin.

The short versions; My brother was killed by a drunk, licensed illegal.

This country does not belong to the world. That's something you and others have to get a grip on. Just because a country next door to the US is a societal failure to millions and millions, does not mean they have a God given right to invade this country, break voted upon laws and steal from the tax payers for social and educational services. Schools are hospitals are broke because of this invasion. The state is broke because the tax payers can't afford to support the infrastructure and take care of the millions of economic refugees that have invaded California.

There are about five billion economic refugees that would love to come here and take advantage of the largess that exists in our nation but we can't afford to absorb every hard luck story that comes out of Mexico or otherwise and the fact they've come here "illegally" means they don't have a right to be here.

I'm angry as hell as my brother is dead because of liberal, feel good attitudes towards those that are illegally breaking into this country. The person that killed my brother, is alive and well. He was uninsured, with a valid California drivers license that he shouldn't have had and if he wasn't here, my brother would be alive.

So I blame you and all the liberals for my brother's death because you don't see the reality of your feel good attitudes.

The fact they come here as economic refugees mean that they can't get a decent job and won't be able to afford insurance. This is not good.

Think about it the next time some poor guy, that just wants the best for himself, breaks into your home to steal what you've worked hard to aquire. You shouldn't have to rely on insurance to protect your vehicle or home against uninsured, illegals. Just because you want better for yourself and your family is not reason enough to go around invading countries and breaking their laws. Either we're a country of laws or we're not. We can't go around making our decisions on whether or not it makes us feel good.

They don't belong here and if they want to be here, they're welcome to come here, legally.

What's wrong with legal and following the law? To inconvenient?

No response on my part, only because I don't like to make people who lost a family member look like an idiot...

Now--articles! And my own personal day to follow the many articles I have to comment on...

Turns out the Catholic Church is Mafia-like after all.

Think John Paul II should be called Johnny Paulie Tightlips now? As a Catholic, I can get away with these jokes--I cite the Seinfeld episode where Jerry suspects that a dentist switched to Judaism just to tell Jewish jokes. I should see that show more often.

So it's Muslims, not Jews, who are intent on taking over the world.

I have a certain friend who always brings up how evil Muslims are in every conversation we have had for the past year. Last time we met--actually, second to last time--he actually brought out paperwork which he said proved the nefarity of Islaim. Problem is, he's not a student of religion or religious history. I usually entertain him for a while--until he starts ranting about "ragheads." Then the conversation is over.

The platform of candidate Larry Flynt...

First off, read a biography of Hustler's father from the Rotten.com library..

OK, now here's the gist of his campaign from the story...

[Flynt] also said he would expand gambling, consider legalizing prostitution and drugs, and declare an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Man's got my vote!

I'm telling you, Norway is a fucked-up country.

My good friend NS is from there. He concurs.

So Gary Coleman wants to run for governor.

Campaign is being funded by the East Bay Express, the alternative paper for Oakland/Berkeley, and owned by the evil New Times Corporation (I'm supposed to say that because I'm employed by the saintly Village Voice Media).

Here's their strategy. Damnit, we should have done it.

BTW, it's Sir Gary Coleman, per the Simpsons.

So is sex nothing more than a physical act?

Here's the proof:

They also say they have evidence, from surveys of students, to indicate that sex tends to be more energetic if the women is suspected of cheating, or if the couple has been apart - suggesting a sub-conscious desire on the part of the man to rid his partner of any trace of another's semen.

And here I go about, only wanting to make love to others. What a fool. Too bad--I'm going to be a fool for the rest of my life.

Elizabeth Taylor allegedly had sex with her gay butler.

Could care less about this story except for the following excerpt...

Taylor's lawyers called the suit a "work of complete fiction" that would be defended.

They say Van Muyden was fired because he hired illegal aliens and "threatened members of Taylor's household".

For some reason, I seriously doubt Ms. Taylor would be opposed to hiring illegal immigrants to do her housework. The cheaper the better, no?

A worker's racist comments is excused because he suffered a stroke.

Only in Amerikkka...

"Jerry suffered a stroke about two weeks before this happened," Wagner said. "When you have a stroke, sometimes things change in your brain."

What else needs to be said about that?

Scratch-and-sniff manure.

Stupid city folks moving into the country and complainin'. There was a great article in the Los Angeles Times regarding this phenomena--wished I had it in my archives.

Larry Flynt gets sued for sexual harrassment.

So the woman found sex toys in the washers. Did she know what company she worked for?! (Yes, my comments can be construed as idiotically short-sighted--but I suffer from myopia anyway).

Look at her face...

And admire her courage and beautiful soul.

Are you still reading? Then I salute you for your obsession with my words. I'm sad.

Marey Carey runs for governor.

I don't even know who the hell she is, but the more porno stars in government, the better. Look at Cicciolina.

And you gotta love Carey's political positions...

Carey said her platform includes taxing breast implants to generate revenue; hiring adult film stars to help negotiate better wholesale electricity prices; and creating a "Porno for Pistols '' program, where gun owners can to swap their weapons for X-rated films.

"If more guys had orgasms, they'd be less violent,'' said Carey, who said she'd run as an Independent.

Her solution to global warming?

"Wear less clothes.''

Too bad Larry Flynt has my vote already.

Breast nearly keep woman runner out of race.

For some reason, I find this story hard to believe.

Alberto Fujimori wants to return.

When I was younger, I found it inconceivable that an Asian could be a Latino. Now that I'm older, I'm not shocked by anything racial in this mongrel world.