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domingo, agosto 31, 2003

Here's a blurb for ya...

And the award for the Next Big Thing in Spite of Annoying Label-Pushing goes to Akwid, the South-Central brother duo who combine hip-hop menace with banda’s brass blares to create the most important development in Mexican music since the accordion. Summer heard Akwid’s ominous debut shudder out of heavily chromed Suburbans across the Los Angeles Basin, a smart spin of Francisco and Sergio Gómez’s dueling-rap sneers, tuba brags and scratchy turntables aided by the wailing cameos of narcocorrido royalty Adán Sánchez (son of Chalino) and Jenni of the Rivera dynasty. Akwid represents the truest fusion of a young Mexican Angeleno’s groove obsessions — fuck rock en español, it’s all about the hip-hop and corridos pesados — and should continue its radio ascendancy as long as the label, Univisión, doesn’t let its incessant promotion cute things up too much. We understand the Despierta América appearance . . . but Akwid cheerleaders?! Even Lil’ Bow Wow snickers.


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