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ter├ža-feira, agosto 12, 2003

Hoy Es...Un Dia Fenomenal...

Nice to see William Pierce's legacy is alive and well.

For those who don't know the racist side of humanity like I do, I direct you to Pierce's The Turner Diaries.. Since few of you will actually click on the link, following are hilarious excerpts courtesy of the Rotten.com library. I've posted them here before, but they're too good to be ignored...

Like his protagonist Earl Turner, Pierce himself was a zealot who aspired to go down in Whitey History. His self-appointed role was that of the Thomas Paine of his movement, whose works were intended to motivate the White Man into restoring our nation's racially-intolerant glory. Of course, the Founding Fathers never advocated premeditated genocide or the slaughtering of whole cities. But Pierce was probably confident that if George Washington could have known that the mongrels would eventually take control of his beloved democracy, the Father of Our Country would have personally launched a global extermination campaign against the alien races.

As literature, of course, it's nothing but an abject failure. The writing is stiff, the characters are ridiculously one-dimensional, the plot monotonous, and the premise as droll as you can get. The end result comes off sounding like it was written by a skinhead stuck in study hall for a week with nothing else to do.

Above all, the book is just plain boring. But if you read it for insight into the dreams of a committed white supremacist, it might be worthwhile. Just be sure to keep an abundant supply of caffeine handy.

Now, the personal updates...

Not really sure what to say. Lots of work, not enough fun--although yesterday and Sunday were fun with VT. Tomorrow will be fun also, since I'll be at the LAMC, as will be most of my days until Saturday. Don't think I have any letters to post, although some will come soon.

And for those directed to this site because you're pervs wanting to see pictures of Marey Carey...if Luke Ford doesn't have a bio on a porn star, she ain't a porn star. There is no bio of Marey Carey on Luke Ford--therefore, she's not a porn star.