A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, agosto 24, 2003

Love me Do...

A man has his needs...which is to fuck, fuck, fuck!

I despise that opinion. I've heard much too many times uttered by women as of recent. The line is a goddamn lie--either that, or I'm not a man.

Let's get one thing clear before I continue on my rant--I love women. I love their kisses, their caresses, their bodies, all the good physical stuff (of course, I have to be attracted to them or they'll be as appealing to me as as asphalt). And I do get them urges on quite a regular basis.

But my appetite for randiness is also heavily tempered by my religious convictions. Am I one f the last people on the planet who actually thinks that the physical act of sex should be done more for the sake of emotion rather than its physical qualities? Am I the last man on the planet who won't bang a woman even if she's willing if the feelings aren't there?

The more I talk to people, the more it seems like it. For years, my best friends have been telling me to get with girls and not give a damn. Saw Sex and the City recently for the first time ever, and the premiere episode of the series deals with "women who have sex like men"--uncaring, and with no commitment.

Fuck that stupid sexual revolution shite. I would never do such a thing--I wouldn't be able to live with myself. If I'm going to be kissing any woman, it's going to be because I care for them, not necessarily because I want to invade their skirt. If all I cared about was the sex, I'd head straight to TJ and settle that quick--then I'd drink myself to death. Ain't going to happen.

(Interestingly enough, one of my exes once said I love like a woman--put too much emotion into it. I thank God she no longer is my girlfriend.)

I'm out of this place--but where to go? So few share my morals anymore as to make me the romantic equivalent of the passenger pigeon. I'm not being outlandish, either, when I compare myself to the plight of the bird. Read on here for info regarding the extinct bird.

And one final thing--for those people who think a kiss is more intimate than sex...this ain't Bizarro World.

I'm a hopeless romantic--emphasis on the hopeless. Time to reserve a time share in Tierra de Fuego.

Whale Rider with VT was excellent. Maori cinema is fab. My pockets hurt--not to mention the endless punching bag that is the heart.

And you may ask, what provoked this rant? Let's just say a morning conversation with someone made me lose faith in the person's character.

And now, reading the paper!