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sábado, agosto 30, 2003

Love, or Let Me be Lonely...

News of the world courtesy of Daily Rotten...

Costly farts.

Not a big fan of scatalogical references--save your excrement to yourself, m'kay?--but that a fart could cost a company $100,000 is too surreal to leave to the darker recesses of my memory.

African boy dies of back-alley circumcision in Ireland.

I still find it hard to believe that immigrants could live in Ireland. Ireland! But I guess immigrants now rule the world, not just SanTana.

Man dies after wife squeezes testicles

As a man, let me just say this is painful. When I was in taekwondo, I was actually infamous for fighting without a cup and substaining many a kick in my nether regions. If one day I turn out to be infertile, I'll know why.

Prisoner finds crappy surprise in his chili--crap!

Most exciting development to emerge from Maine since the time that small town told all Somalis to take a hike.

And now, a brief interlude from the Rotten.com Library regarding the veracity of the King Arthur legends...

"The History of the Kings of Britain" mixes some established historical fact with a lot of wholly fabricated nonsense. It's not known exactly what portion of the Arthurian story is fabricated, but rigorous scientific studies have determined that it's "a lot." Geoffrey is credited with concocting Merlin, among other characters, out of scattered and inconsistent urban legends. Merlin, of course, is the wizard and prophet who pulls the strings behind the King Arthur administration, kind of like the Dick Cheney of his day, except with magical powers instead of oil industry clout.

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