A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quinta-feira, agosto 28, 2003

Radio Days...

Came out on KPFK with Lalo Alcaraz. Talked about the madness of Vietnamese and Latina women duking it out, the Centro Cultural de Mexico, the Latin Alternative Music Conference and a slew of other delightful meanderings. Didn't hear it? Of course not. Shame on you. And here's a fan mail regarding it...

hey, you're superb on the radio! studs terkel himself would say so. you have a great knack for staying on point, keeping your tales entertaining and yet maintaining a good interplay w/ the host. thanks for the alert about your appearance...lalo's show was good and i was thrilled he closed with MaklooN's song. i've told him and everyone else who'll listen that MaklooN's doing some amazing stuff--the interview at http://www.sol-plus.net/88.htm#1 will lead you the the site

they should give you a show on LATV. you'd definitely be a boost if you had any time to do such things. or on kpfk...your own variation on Más FM...hey, your old 'friend' nativo lópez is on there sometimes now...whatever you do in whatever medium, don't ever stop. your recent coverage of the SA school board is as smart + fascinating as your music writing, and that's saying a lot

What a nice guy.

Going to JC Fandango later on with BQ for the Skandangolandia showcase. Taking him and friend (guy is an acquaintance of mine) to the most outlandish deal in the world.

Sorry I haven't linked up any wild stories as of recent, but I've been mondo busy. Hopefully, it will be worth it...