A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, agosto 24, 2003

So the Pinochet Apologist refers to my journalims as "Michael Moore/Jayson Blair breezy style of reportage."

Might be cute if it wasn't so patronizingly insulting.

Pinochet Apologist, Blair is the journalistic equivalent of a pedophile in prison. Blair lied, made up scenarios, wrote stultifying copy--even the yellow journalists look down upon that. Are we sensationalistic? Absolutely. Biased? Everyone is. Liars? Never. If we make a mistake, we run it or let the readers rectify the situation themselves.

As for the Moore swipe, Moore is not a journalist. Any other accusations thrown my way?

PS, "Guti" is with one "t", not two. "Gutti" makes the name sound Teutonic rather than the Scandanavian from which it's derived.