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sábado, agosto 23, 2003

Solamente Una Vez Ame en la Vida...

The RP remarked to me yesterday that I seem busier now than when I was attending UCLA and writing for the Rag full-time. I responded that while it may appear to be true, I'm available for hanging-out pleasure almost any time of the day. If I seem busy, it's because I don't want to be lonely. That simple.

She made those remarks sometime before seeing Madame Sata (there's a tilde over the last "a", but English-centric Blogger doesn't allow the use of accents or other such superfluous-to-English pronunciation thingies), a Brazilian film dealing with a famous drag king. OK film, although the highlight had to have been when eldery couples walked out en masse after a particularly graphic sex scene between two males. I don't think it was the actual sex act rather than it was a black and white together. Orange County might hate its queers, but methinks it hates the mixing of the races more.

Afterwards, the RP said we should hang out more but I icily stared ahead. She left a message on my voice mail saying that I was "looking particularly handsome these days." Ah, yes: the compliment with the insinuation. So I used to be ugly, eh? As nice and sexy as the compliment maybe, I approach it with apprehension--and let's leave it at that.

We went out early, so I went home around 8pm. Finding no one home and--more frightening--no food, paid a visit to Win Thai Cuisine, which I hadn't visited in about a year and a half. It was nice to see that the owner still remembered me and sent a canteen-big glass of lemonade my way. It was even nicer to see that it was packed on a Friday night in a block where there are two other Thai restaurants. The halal sign outside really works.

Going to a wedding today and a going-away party also--two things that are not in my foreseeable life.