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sexta-feira, agosto 29, 2003

Some Rotten history along with my comments...

Aug 29 1904
David Hyrum Smith, son of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, dies in an insane asylum after 27 years of lunacy. His father in 1844 had predicted that his unborn son would be named David and that he would be "President and King of Israel". At least he got the name right.

Don't have anything against Mormons--indeed, they're incredibly nice people. But I cannot stand proselytizers of any kind.

The Orange County Register breaks the story that China harvests organs from executed prisoners prior to their executions. What's more, those executions are scheduled according to organ transplant priorities.

Don't remember that story. But I'll say this: shouldn't the Reg concentrate on breaking local stories rather than international stories? And the subject matter is suspect--I'm no fan of Red China, but the Reg would sell RC Hoiles' remain for the chance to report bad on any Commie country.