A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2003

These are the Riches of the Poor...

I cannot believe how angry I am right now! Such few things have pissed me off so as my morning conversation yesterday.

If I'm ambiguous regarding the particulars, it's because I have to. Rest assured, I'm not a hypocrite engaging in what I condemned--that would be...well, hypocritical.

This week shall be devoted to reducing the magazines stacked in my room, a fire hazard waiting to happen. The summer is almost over, and one of the two ambiguities in my life I resolved to fix has been resolved (I apologize for the lack of synonyms this early in the morning). The other one will be an open wound until I decide to put some Terramicina on it. Let's apply the sting...

I could write more--oh Lordy, I could write so much more. But even I have to keep secrets sometimes. The last thing I can say is that I'm proud of who I am. Or, as Cuco Sanchez beatifully sang.

No soy monedita de oro
Pa' caerles bien a todos
Asi naci y asi soy
Si no me quieren, ni modo.