A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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segunda-feira, setembro 01, 2003

Another plug I wrote this week...



In the HTML-hazardous world of online music ‘zines, one of the best remains Mundo Rockero (www.mundorockero.com). Maintained by Cal State Long Beach student Eddie Monterrubio—the same guy who caught Morrissey’s shirt last year at the Arrowhead Pond Jaguares/Morrissey love-in!—the site obsessively covers the Latin alternative music scene, lending equal amounts of attention to both big-name acts flush with label lucre and local groups with nary a demo to their name. Despite containing a broken link to streaming rockero classics, the rest of the site’s comprehensive content includes interviews, concert and CD reviews, and the most flaming chat rooms this side of www.foroabierto.net.

The Mundo Rockero guys and gals frequently haunt Orange County and Long Beach, so why they scheduled their third anniversary show at the Roxy this Sunday night is beyond me. But don’t let the asphalt-scented crawl up the 405 preclude you from attending: in addition to functioning as a desperately needed fundraiser for always-on-the-edge-of-bankruptcy Mundo Rockero, the pre-Labor Day event is laden with the type of bands that lend credence to the rock en español-is-the-next-big-thing myth. The all-locals lineup ranges from the estrogen-fronted mayhem of Los Abandoned, Juguete, and Go Betty Go to the baseball-whack ska/punk of Las 15 Letras and Viernes 13, as well as the rawk-from-the-future weirdness of Anaheimers Enjambre. Show up early—the concert will probably sell out.

If it does, and your frustrated late ass stands outside the cigarette-butt infested sidewalks of Sunset frustrated, be sure to still fork over some cash—Mundo Rockero is the most deserving charity outside of the Green Party.