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sábado, setembro 13, 2003

For Love of the Game...

Wonderful article on the cursed of baseball.

The Dorky Angel loves her Angels; my brother likes the Yankees and Dodgers. I've always been a Cubs fan. My favorite players growing up were Nolan Ryan, Ryne Sandburg, and Ricky Henderson. Sandburg in particular I admired since he played second base, a position I aspired to dominate until I realized I couldn't field grounders.

Who can't love the Cubs? Tinkers-to-Evans-to-Chance? Wrigley Field, named not necessarily after the gum but the creator of the gum? The curse of the goat? The fact that they haven't won the World Series since 19 friggin' 08?!

They might actually get the the playoffs this year--probably not. Such is the worldview of the Cubs fan. Eternally optimistic, aware of the failures of the world--yet eternally optimistic. Yep, that's me.

Had dinner at the Gypsy Den last night with Diamond in the Asphalt, Pinochet Apologist, and the Kahlo Commie. Was fine, although I was in a bit of a rush since my day had been long and I had to read through a week's worth of the New York Times so I could start chipping away at my summer's worth of the New Yorker. What a strenuous life--even I spit at me.

Am supposed to see the De la Hoya-Moseley bout tonight somewhere with someone--the ambiguity is blatant because I'm not sure if I'll be with Nameless Genderless Friend or the Boys. Should be fun.

Anything else? Notre Dame is getting clobbered. My pockets hurt.