A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, setembro 23, 2003

Gonna Put it in a Want Ad...

Suffered from writer's block earlier in the day, but it appears to have dissipated with a helping of saimin noodles.

I am saddened yet again:Mr. Smoke BBQ closed and was replaced by a terrible Mexican restaurant. The European ethnics are fast disappearing and being replaced by Latinos. Let the segregation begin!

Wanted: Muse
Qualifications: Goofy, brilliant, feminine
Pay: Ummm...free concerts?
Job description: To inspire me to write things of beauty, things of investigations, things of...things
Romantic?: Not necessarily, although it would help
Amount of candidates out there: ???

Send all inquiries to the address above. Write only if you're serious...or know what the colors of the Latvian flag are.

In the meanwhile--fala! To the person who this is addressed to: you know what I'm saying, so faz!