A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sexta-feira, setembro 26, 2003

Hey DJ Keep Playing that Song...

For the past two years, I've spent a early fall evening at Libreria Martinez to hear Ruben Martinez, the lyrical New Journalist, personal friend of mine, and one of the few people I can consider a mentor. He's just great, and we've gone to eat afterwards many a time.

This was also supposed to happen yesterday. However, there was a scheduling error because it turns out Martinez the Author didn't think he was supposed to come in until Friday. Rueben Martinez the Owner assumed it was Thursday--"We never have author signings on Fridays!" he told me.

I broke the news to Martinez the Owner that Martinez the Author wasn't coming until Friday, however. In a previous email, Martinez the Author told me he wasn't coming in until Friday. I assumed it was a mistake on his behalf until 7:30 yesterday evening, when Martinez the Owner looked at me and commented that Martinez the Author was always punctual. I then told him about the email.

I had never seen him upset in my life until last night.

But then he gave an impassioned speech to the students who had packed his tiny bookstore about the importance of education. I'm sure most will come back today to see Martinez the Author speak. I, unfortunately, will not be one of them. Am going to see Lost in Translation with Someone. Should be wonderful.

Here's the letter for this week in the Rag...


This is in response to Gustavo Arellano’s article "Tearing Down Everything for Nothing" [Sept. 12]. The bars on Anaheim Boulevard were not torn down for nothing. Government never does anything for nothing. You Sheeple have got to stop believing that government cares about you, wants to make life better for you, has your best interests at heart. Government is not for the people. Government is for the government. Those bars were torn down to eliminate communication among people. The government does not want people congregating to discuss government, survival and freedom because it’s going to come down to that in the near future. We are headed for a police state in America under a New World Order. All you patriots out there know what I am talking about. It’s the Sheeple who haven’t got a clue.

Out of all the articles I've written, I'd never think the story in the Covered Wagon would get a crazy response. Y'know what? I should have thought.

Now off to get more carpal tunnel syndrome...wait! This day in Rotten History!

Sep 26 1687

Troops laying siege to Athens led by Venetian general Francesco Morosini rain cannonfire down on the Acropolis and the Turkish soldiers garrisoned inside. One cannonball penetrates the Parthenon, which happened to serve as the Turks' gunpowder magazine. The roof, walls, and 16 columns are blown off by the resulting explosion.

I had always heard that the Acropolis was once used as barracks but never read the actual account. While a small blurb from the Rotten rascals hardly qualifies as academia, this will suffice to satiate my inquisitiveness for about three minutes.

Sep 26 1964

Gilligan's Island premieres on CBS television with the pilot episode "Two on a Raft." This is the one where they almost get off the island.

I see the show of my youth today, and they're almost all terrible. The few I think withstand the test of time is I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, and Batman--the latter only because it's s damn campy, how could you not love it?