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terça-feira, setembro 16, 2003

I'm the Type of Guy that Likes to Roam Around...

So the push is on to get me out into the world. My longtime friends have been saying it forever, people who barely know me have been saying it forever, my boss says it, my family, everyone: TRAVEL.

What stopped me in the past? Legitimate reasons--work, school, school, work. But with school gone and work offering two weeks off, what's a wide-eyed guy supposed to do except travel somewhere, anywhere not in the continental US?

Some are urging me to go now, but I'm bent on waiting. Two weeks per year is precious, and I don't want to spend them now when there's really no need to do it rather than in the future when you might want to visit someone at a certain time. We shall see, but it's definitely time to apply for a passport--I've never had one in my life.

(And what of the travels in Mexico, you may ask? Ha! It's Mexico. Last time around when I returned from the interior to TJ and the man asked me where was my passport, I told him I forgot it in the US. He sternly warned me not to let it happen again, then let me back it. Mexico, lindo y querido, indeed.

Here's a story claiming the Canadian government distributes horrific medicinal marijuana.

Pinochet Apologist would agree, being that he spent a summer in the Cato Institute, and I would also, that if you entrust the government with a responsibility, they'll usually fuck it up. The private sector tends to do things better and more efficiently. I do consider myself libertarian, although I come from a leftist spectrum while Pinochet Apologist comes from the right. Damn morals on my behalf!

Here are some winner quotes:

"It's totally unsuitable for human consumption," said Jim Wakeford, 58, an AIDS patient in Gibsons, B.C. "It gave me a slight buzziness for about three to five minutes, and that was it. I got no other effect from it."

Barrie Dalley, a 52-year-old Toronto man who uses marijuana to combat the nausea associated with AIDS, said the Health Canada dope actually made him sick to his stomach.

"I threw up," Dalley said Monday. "It made me nauseous because I had to use so much of it. It was so weak in potency that I really threw up."


Saw Dirty Pretty Things. 'Twas good, if a bit melodramatic at times. I do understand why Earl Ofari Hutchinson would criticize the film for its promotional campaign, however. Would have a link to that fine commentary, but the damn Los Angeles Times charges for calendar content. Babosos.

The day tomorrow is full of promise and hard work. The weeks ahead will be fun. Just have to make sure I eat.


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