A Week in the Life of Gustavo

"Seems to think that if he fails to write, la migra will find him."--OC Weekly More merriment available at ronmaydon@yahoo.com

sexta-feira, setembro 12, 2003

It's Been a Long Night, Now I'm Coming Back Home...
Nearly forgot General Butt Naked.

And for the record: I knew about the general in the late 1990s. How? Read Bizarre Magazine, the best of the laddie mags. Vice, Maxim, and FHM only wish they could match up to Loaded, Bizarre, and Sky. Fabulous shite.

Today's 9/11. Where's Osama? Where's Saddam? Where's Omar? Actually, Omar is in Mexico. He's my cousin.

Some love from Weekly readers...


Regarding Gustavo Arellano’s piece on Cruz Bustamante ["Fear of a Brown Planet," Sept. 5]: Conservatives do not fear Bustamante for his skin color, which is as light as mine. Rather, it is his ideas that we loathe and despise. This man wants to increase taxes and bring back gas controls, while not reducing government spending. Bustamante’s economic plan is akin to that of the fascist president of Venezuela. He also utilizes the tactics of class warfare and enjoys control of his nation’s petrochemical sector, and sure enough he is also facing a recall election. Today’s California Republican Party has made peace with Latinos; we just don’t like those who want to force socialism down our collective throats.

Art Pedroza
Member, California Republican Party Central Committee

Mr. Arellano does his best to explain away the evil and racist goals of MEChA. The most frightening thing about MEChA is its presence on 90 percent of our high school and college campuses. At least for now it is, because I plan to raise hell with my local school board and fight for its banishment from campuses. Critics of MEChA are correct when they say it is the brown version of the KKK. The only element missing from this brown KKK is the white sheets to hide their identities. May I suggest, for disguise purposes only, that the mechistas smear each others’ feces all over their faces? Then not only will they be indistinguishable, but what is on their faces will match what is in their minds!

David Kay
Buena Park

I remember MEChA from many years ago when I was a student at UC Santa Barbara. It was too radical for my tastes but it never came across to me as a racist organization, but rather as a radical group (this was in 1968-70) working with other groups such as the Black Students Union to further the cause of ethnic studies and other issues on campus. I thought your article was very reasonable and I hope it will help counter the racial smear campaign against Bustamante. There is certainly legitimate criticism that can be raised against him, but this racist charge is not one of them.

Stephen Denney
Library assistant, UC Berkeley

Gee, imagine my surprise at OC Weekly publishing a long-winded cover editorial spinning away the racism of MEChA member Cruz Bustamante. I am happy to know that for you left-wingers racism is acceptable as long as it is a liberal who is racist. That’s an amazing admission of hypocrisy on your part! I can tell you that we on the right don’t accept racism from any political persuasion. Our disgust with Cruz has to do with his politics, his leftist/socialist positions and the fact that he is part of the Democrat/left wing in Sacramento that has single-handedly run California’s economy to the brink of bankruptcy. Oh, and the fact that he and MEChA are racists? ‘‘To the race, everything. To those outside the race, nothing.’’ It’s amazing you left that quote out of your attempt to spin Cruz out of being a racist. Who’s words are they? MEChA’s. Time to give it a rest. You left-wingers are starting to stink of your hypocrisy.

B. Dirk Yarborough
Costa Mesa

Gustavo Arellano responds: The quote Yarborough mentions is not—as almost every publication asserts—MEChA’s official slogan; it’s a Chicano chant dating from the 1960s. And my stink is pretty sexy, thankyouverymuch.


I just read the ridiculous explanation or definition of the usage of pocho/a [Gustavo Arellano’s "Attack of the Pochos," Aug. 8]. It goes to show that when one wants to read more into things, one’ll find the way to do so. Pocho/a in most of Mexico, when referring to a Mexican American, is one who mixes the two languages—a sort of Spanglish, but not necessarily the conversion of English words into Spanish—but such language will bring out the pocho/a designation. It is not necessarily a "slur," though it can be used that way. Typically it is used as a slur toward Mexican Americans visiting who cannot speak correct Spanish but who lord over low-income Mexicans a "we’re better" attitude. Likewise, the word Mexican is not by any stretch of the imagination a slur but is used as such by those who wish to do so. In short, if one seeks evil, one finds evil.

Patrick Osio Jr.
Editor, HispanicVista.com

Gustavo Arellano responds: Pocho not a slur, pocho? Why do you think Lalo Alcaraz, Sandra Sarmiento and others felt it necessary to reclaim the term, pocho? I don’t know of anyone else who uses the word pocho in a nonpejorative fashion, but that’s just me, pocho.

Went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Beethoven's 9th with the Stanford Grad. Treated her to Lee's Sandwich. She treated me to a fruity wine. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely.

And look at these lines from the Rag's content section this week!

“Arellano”: In Spanish it means “write five stories per week, take over the newspaper, and declare it Mexican territory.”


More work from Gustavo Arellano who seems to think that if he fails to write, la migra will find him.

Not to mention...

And you know OC Weekly is a California corporation when you see how many stories the company’s big-name Mexican—I’m talking about Gustavo Arellano—writes. Last week? Five. This week? Five.

What can I do except write? And love.

Some comments about me off the Wild West-wacky Foro Abierto...

to those of you who are somewhat new here, gustavo maybe does like them, but it is just coincidence then that he praises javier castellano, JC`s, emjambre, and the OC. he comes to LA to review shows when enjambre plays and mutilates every la band on the bill, except for... you guessed it enjambre. THE BREAKDOWN: ORANGE COUNTY home of JC FANDANGO, who is owned by JAVIER CASTELLANO, who manages ENJAMBRE. people have every right to their opinion and taste, but talk about i scratch your back you scratch mine. so in reality a lot of the comments in here are not to talk shit, or envy. MONEY, enjambre is backed by a somewhat succesful businessman, with connections to papers and contacts in other countries. enjambre has the backing to make it, now its up to them and their music.

Love that quote: "mutilates." Please--I have journalistic qualms.

But now, work!