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quarta-feira, setembro 03, 2003

A Little Bit from Column A, A Little Bit from Column B...

First, the Daily Rotten report...

Man blows himself up after attempting to rob a bank with an explosive locked around his neck.

This story truly disturbs me. I remember a similar incident in Colombia about five years ago where a woman was held hostage by rebels who wrapped a five-pound explosive around her neck. Photos showed the woman pleading with villagers to take off the explosive from her neck. What they didn't show was the explosion and the aftermath.

Idiot women calls 911 after disliking her McDonald's order.

Now here's the link with McDonald's new marketing campaign. It's only befitting that McDonald's attract dunderheads like that woman to their offensive meals. Who cares about animal abuse--the food is rancid! Also remember the story I linked a couple of posts ago about maggots being found in a Sausage McMuffin.

Michael Jackson celebrates his 45th birthday.

The telling of this story in the Los Angeles Times was a classic. However, their damn website now charges extra for online Calendar content--even if you subscribe to the fookin' fishwrap.

Great story on horny women.

Well-written, although it makes it seem as if it's an improvement in the battle of the sexes that women now go out for meaningless sex just like guy supposedly do. Time for me to move to Tierra de Fuego away from this madness.

Now, some personal points.

Email at the Rag today is down. Our mother paper ran a terrible story on Orange County and how this guy couldn't find a Gray Davis supporter. Am supposed to go have dinner with a UCLAer in about three hours. Am writing a piece on Charles Bronson. You know, life is wonderful--but let's not say it lest it turn terrible.