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segunda-feira, setembro 29, 2003

The Love Below...

The new Oukast CD is simply brilliant. Buy it now.


Saw Julieta Venegas with Dorky Angel, who proved a great concert companion unlike so many others. G of the Fabulous G Sisters was there, along with Raunchy Protestant, who--I must admit--I was rather surprised to see. Guess word got on the street...


Besides the usual work, spoke at Saddleback High School to some sophomores associated with the Puente Program. One of the true joys I get out of life is speaking to students. I know probably 9/10th of the don't even pay attention to what I'm saying, so I usually try to liven it up a bit by asking them questions--make it interactive, if you will. The "speech" usually turns into anarchy--but everyone pays attention to the anarchy. Rather liberating for the kids, I dare say. Did it as a favor to a friend, who wanted to pay me. I refused--I have so much fun doing these, it's almost a sin to accept payment.

Some non-Daily Rotten-derived articles...

The lewd and crude Vice Magazine.

A personal fave of Pinochet Apologist, and I think some of their articles are hilarious--their new book is very entertaining. But this article shows the Vice crew for the spoiled, radical-conservative hipsters they are with passages like:

The [Vice] fashion aesthetic is epitomized by vintage shirts with high school football logos and the foam-front trucker hat. In entertainment, the touchstones are the Southern rock revivalists Kings of Leon and testosterone-charged skateboarder-influenced shows like "Jackass" and "Punk'd." In contrast to older and gentler downtown style guides like Paper magazine, Vice shuns the Nirvana generation's wounded sense of responsibility, instead embracing a frat-boy crudity and ethnic stereotypes. Think of it as a lad magazine for the Williamsburg set.


"For middle-class kids just out of university and living in Williamsburg," he said, "the closest thing right now to bad-ass culture is blue-collar culture, so you have hipsters play-acting blue collar. Instead of saying, `I'm a PlayStation-reared, e-mailing-all-the-time Friendster loser,' they're getting lots of tattoos and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

Don't forget...

Few of Vice's fans or customers seem to realize just how deeply hostile Mr. McInnes is to the liberal live-and-let-live ethos of traditional bohemian culture. It is a fair bet that a majority of the downtown population opposed the Iraq war and dislikes the policies of George W. Bush. But in an interview Mr. McInnes advocated changing New York license plates to read "Liberalism Gone Amok." Last month, he wrote an article for Patrick Buchanan in The American Conservative boasting of having converted Vice readers to conservatism.

He actually leans much further to the right than the Republican Party. His views are closer to a white supremacist's. "I love being white and I think it's something to be very proud of," he said. "I don't want our culture diluted. We need to close the borders now and let everyone assimilate to a Western, white, English-speaking way of life."

In an interview in The New York Press last year, Mr. McInnes's views came through in the coarse ethnic expressions he used in saying how pleased he was that most Williamsburg hipsters are white. As a result, he became the focus of a letter-writing campaign by a black reader. Vice apologized for Mr. McInnes's comments.

Reveling in the lives of the poor is a classic trait of upper-class society. Marie Antoinette did it in her little play fantasies being a humble pleasant girl, surbubanites do it with their embrace of the "thug" life, and lefties revel in it by embracing everything in the Third World. Take it from someone whose parents grew up in abject poverty--wanna eat kernels of corn from a cow's crap like my father did when he was young? wanna drop out of school and pick strawberries like my mother--and who themselves spent the first 10 years of their lives in a one-bedroom shack and used to throw hypodermic needles found in the next-door alley as darts towards their friends--being working-class ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Today, of course, we're solidly lower middle-class, and I'll probably end up pulling six figures in the future. Yet the poor laborer in me will always live on--to let that person die would be a betrayal of my family. Fuck all hipsters and the trucker hats they pay $30 for. Fuck them

[This rant courtesy of Major League Baseball]

Dreadlocks as spirituality.

A classic example of a great story ruined by an article. The man introduces the idea that most dread-wearers of today sport the 'do without taking into consideration the deep theological implications of dreadlocks. Absolutely fascinating and something I had no idea existed. But how does the man support his argument? Gives links to websites. Terribly disappointing--not to mention lazy journalism.

Enough for now. Work beckons.