A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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segunda-feira, setembro 01, 2003

My Little Runaway...3

The question: if you take a woman to a concert and she leaves with another guy (platonic pal), is that an affront?

The scenario: Went to the Mundo Rockero anniversary show at the Roxy last night with the Fabulous G Sisters (all four of them!), the Raunchy Protestant, and CF. Was GG's birthday--gave her Moore's Stupid White Men by her request. We still have hope of making her a leftie! Unfortunately, she decided to celebrate at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which now supplants McDonald's as Worst Restaurant Ever. But she was the birthday girl--and that's where she wanted to eat before the concert. We won't give her the luxury of choice next time.

The concert: Couldn't be a better one. All local acts--Juguete, Enjambre, Go Betty Go, Los Abandoned, Las 15 Letras, and the ominously bad-ass Viernes 13 to close. On that last band, jumped into the pit with BQ and held my ground good.

The insult?: The Raunchy Protestant accompanied us then felt sick. She asked me if she could go home with some friend of hers, but I responded it would be messed up towards GG if she left early. I thought we had an understanding--we didn't. She took off--she did call GG later and asked if I was OK. I was silent.

The answer: Needless to say, I don't like being screwed with. I'm furious--then again, everything infuriates me, from the lack of updates at Rotten.com (if you don't want to see pictures of blown-up terrorists and intestines popping out of orifices, PLEASE don't click on the link--VT did and got the gross-out show of a lifetime) to the lack of quality TV to the fact that they sell Jarritos in California. So am I overreacting--or are my grievances legitimate?

In other news...

Charles Bronson is dead. A major obituary on my behalf pending. And now...work!