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segunda-feira, setembro 15, 2003

Return to Nowhere...

Went up to LunaTierraSol Cafe today to interview the Slowrider gang. Good bunch of guys, and they greatly appreciated the free food I bought them.

Hadn't been to LunaTierraSol since The Last One (once known as !) broke up with me. It was so strange--I never think about The Last One anymore unless someone asks me about previous relationships. As of recent, I've been thinking about her only because more than the usual amout of people have been asking me about relationships in general.

This is not the space to elaborate on The Last One, but it was strange and not more than a bit difficult to drive up to LunaTierraSol. See, she used to live around the corner so I'd usually park close to the cafe when I'd visit her. I remember close to the end, we had breakfast there on a Sunday morning and it was completely silent. The last night I ever talked to her, we got in a huge argument across the street in a donut shop and then she told me she had found someone else. We took the fight up to her apartment--we shouldn't have--but then I told her to get out of my life forever. She bawled and bawled--first time she showed emotion in our relationship!--and I walked out of her apartment around three in the morning. The next day I went to school, and here I am.

Last I heard, The Last One was in Vietnam. Good for her. I wish her no harm, even if she did devastate me for a couple of months. But I have the last laugh--I still love, and my love is here waiting...

Enough personal business. To the Daily Rotten wire!

Disney tourist wins $668,000 for hot coffee spilled in lap

Has not been a good couple of weeks for Disney. First, the derailment of Big Thunder Mountain, the only ride I actually like in the damn park. Now they have to pay a guy hundreds of thousands for a cast member's coffee ineptitude. The money quote:

Testimony showed Allocco suffered extensive blistering as well as pigmentation changes to his genitals and groin from the upended 28-ounce pot of coffee on Oct. 7, 2001.


Great story on weirdo museums.

Haven't been to a museum in such a long time. Haven't done a lot of things, period. Time to start doing them, no?

Horse bomb kills eight in Colombia.

No comment--the violence doesnae end.

Eyeball found in mailbox.

Film was terrible, but you remember the scene in Swing Kids when the mail delivery guy found out he was giving back ashes to families? Pretty disturbing--but terrible movie once again. And it started the swing phenomenon--I'm sure of it.

And I just found out my work might be for naught. Let's hear it for record labels!