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quinta-feira, setembro 04, 2003

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes...

Spent an evening down at the Covered Wagon, a longtime Anaheim bar scheduled for demolition very soon. Doing a story in the Rag on it. Patrons were friendly, even if too many of them talked about the "good old days" of Orange County (hint, hint). And the hint, hint? Thank you, man with the huge beard for the following quote:

Now, Hispanics and Mexicans are two different people. Hispanics are hard workers and want to participate in this country. Mexicans are a worthless piece of shit.

Once again, my not-too-"Mexican" features allows me to bring out the racist in individuals!

The only other problem I cannot say because it would put the bar in trouble. But let's just say I don't think I'll be able to wash away this tobacco smell for days.

More to come...first, pound out the article!