A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, setembro 14, 2003

Stoke my Ego, Please!...

Here's a letter from a local reporter at one of the dailies. Can't divulge who, although let's just say if the Hoiles found it, they'd be greatly upset...

Gustavo, I read your stuff all the time. More often than not, it pisses
me off. But I have to admit that I really liked this piece.

How beautiful, no? Won't even comment on it lest I get a bigger head. But it is pretty flattering that the competition reads the Rag and feels something about it. We read the dailies every day and usually sleep.

Did nothing today except read. My New Yorker/Nation pile is down three--about 20 more to go.

Saw the De la Hoya/Mosley fight with Johnny Arthur & Midge. 'Twas a travesty--De la Hoya won the fight hands down. Nevertheless, the judges awarded Mosley the fight. I feel bad for De la Hoya because I really think he won--and I was going for Mosley. At the fight, I had a fabulous ceviche made primarily of rubbery, sweet jaiba. Could have been a bit more sour, but the jaiba was superb.

Afterward, Johnny Arthur and I took out our pugilistic frustration on the Game Cube and played Knockout Kings. So much fun even though the game is completely unrealistic--with Sugar Ray Leonard, I threw 2,000 punches in one match! I lost both matches primarily because I've yet to understand the beauty of a defense.

I would have played the infernal digital slugfest late into the night, but I promised a friend I'd attend his club night in Costa Mesa. It was fun, although I spent most of the time standing around nursing my cup of water. I couldn't dance--didn't have anyone to dance with. Ask a stranger, you say? Sorry--this boy likes to dance with people he knows and likes.

But now, sleep.