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quarta-feira, setembro 17, 2003

Sweets for my Sweet, Sugar for my Honey...

I am sad.

Went to a Greek market in Orange on the prowl for some Cretan honey, which has a mythological reputation for its taste. Was planning to do a review...then saw that the market is closing down.

The restaurant biz is amongst the most ephermeal, most closing down within a year of opening. Usually, I don't mind the closing of restaurants--most of the big ones are financed by people with money to burn. But--if you haven't noticed already--I patronize the family holes-in-the-walls, the tiny ones that will never be reviewed by the big papers or have enough money to buy an ad. Most of these rely solely on their food for revenue, and to their credit, most of the restaurants I've reviewed in the past are doing well. El Fortin, for instance, has in the year since I reviewed it introduced a glass case filled with bread and is even planning to open a second restaurant in La Habra.

The Greek market was one of those types of places. It was owned by a father/son combo (the son was an asshole, frankly, but the elderly dad was a charm) and sold products from all over the world, not just Greece. And now it's gone. Damn.