A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, setembro 21, 2003

Tales from the Anaheim Woods...

Went to see Bugs Bunny on Broadway yesterday with the Fabulous G Sisters and a friend of theirs. Turned out the friend was from El Cargadero. Of course.

It was really fun, even if most of the girls bought disgusting Togo's sandwiches instead of the Lee's Sandwiches GG and I devoured. My meatball banh mi, however, was disappointing--too wet, not herbed strongly enough, and ultimately mushy. The evening was grand--three weeks in a row at the Hollywood Bowl for the Cafe Tacuba/Kinky/Los Lobos love-in, Beethoven's 9th and Bugs Bunny on Broadway. That is just grand.

The funniest cartoon we saw was Long-Haired Hare, which has Bugs Bunny imitating Leopold Stowkowski so he could torture a Mario Lanza-wannabe. When I first saw it with Johnny Arthur about three years ago, he could not stop laughing while seeing it. What could possibly be more funny than Bugs twanging on a banjo? Maybe Bugs in blackface?

And now, a public announcement...

This blog is nothing more than an opportunity to get rid of some of the clutter in my brain. It's not a place for me to insult people truthfully--if I don't like you or someone, I'll say it in person. I don't talk behind people's back--I'll do it to your face. If I call you "some guy", it means that I actually like you because I'm referring to you with a Simpsons reference. Once again, this blog is stupid. Yes, I do mention things that happen to me during my day, but I'm not going to mention someone by name--I'll do it with nicknames, initials, or general descriptions like "my cousin", "her boyfriend", or "that idiot." Why would I name names? You want some perverts to find out who are the people in my life? Please. I have too much respect for the regular readers of this blog to do such a thing.

Once again: this is a stupid blog that does not in any way reflect much about me. I'll share everything about me in person--this is just a way to get rid of the clutter in my head so I can put in some more. Thank you and get a life--oh wait, you do already. It's me who needs a life since he's writing in an infernal blog.

What is the reason behind the above rant? Let's just say someone was offended by what I wrote about them when they shouldn't have. And rather than asking me about it, they now think I despise them when in fact I completely respect them. Something about me truly knows how to get people pissed.

Insult of the week thrown at me: "Stop acting like if you're 49!"