A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quinta-feira, setembro 18, 2003

Talking Heads...

Talked to some people I wanted to but didn't talk to people I wished I did. Have your cell phones next to you, people!

Let's go to the wire...

More abuse coming from the Catholic Church.

I remember growing up that Father John Lenihan was the pastor at our church. Everyone knew that he had raped a teen in the past, but no one seemed to care. Why is it that so few Catholics seem to care about abuse? Don't ask me--I'm Catholic.

American troops forced to buy own wartime gear

If we can't support Iraq, at the very least we should give money to our troops that are administering Iraq towards chaos, no?

The sex robot lives.

Funny thing about the accompanying picture is that it has no genitals--therefore, how can it be sexual? Genitals are not necessary to sexual pleasure, yes, but can a non-sex entity enjoy sex? Don't mind me--I'm chaste at the moment.

Gotta admire the legless escapee.

No comments on my part--I'm now off for some relaxing.