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sábado, setembro 06, 2003

Viva Mexico, Cabrones!

So Arnie was disinvited from the Mexican Day Independence Day Parade.

I have no love lost for a man who once bragged of engaging in gang bangs, but for him to be barred from attending the parade borders (get it? Borders?! Haha!) on the partisan--hell, it is a Democratic move to slander Schwarzenegger even further amongst Latinos!

Quick aside: Did anyone else see the breathless live coverage given to the signing of the illegal immigrants driver's license initiative SB60? Everyone here is full of it--from Gray Davis, the man who is signing it despite vetoing it twice before because it's saving his political ass, to the people who argued that making immigrants get driver's licenses somehow makes the roads safer to the people who don't want to give illegal immigrants the chance to drive in the first place.

Why anyone would want to participate in an Independence Day parade of any nationality is beyond me. The cliche "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" befits, but supporting Mexico is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong--I'm 100% Mexican--culturally. Got all the food, music, mannerisms, etc. But I would never identify with Mexico nationally. Mexico is the country that drove us here to this country. Mexico is the fascinating open sore, the heart that bleeds, all those other cliches other much-better writers use to describe Mexico in metaphorical terms.

All the government of Mexico wants is the money of people like my parents--hell, even myself--to improve the country because it can't do the fookin' job itself. And you know what's the genius of this, though? The immigrants fall for it. Immigrant benefit associations are fine and all, but what good do they do if the children of the immigrants like myself must deal with parents that constantly look south for their future?

There' supposed to be a Mexican Independence Day parade in SanTana next weekend, and my dad proudly announced he will attend. Everyone is ecstatic because this is the first time in two years the parade will occur. What were the preceeding two years about? "Fiestas Patrias", the celebration of the independence days of all Latin American countries. I realize Mexicans make up about 85% of Latinos in Orange County, but we're acting like whites did back before we guilted them into acknowledging we exist if we deny the rest of our Latin American brothers and sisters.

Love your country: keep it to yourself. There's a Scripture passage about not exhibiting your love towards God but rather keeping it inside. Do it, damnit. Do it please.