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sábado, outubro 25, 2003

Ashes to Ashes...

Ashes are currently covering the outside world, a byproduct of the raging wildfires currently consuming our hills and white-flight residences. Reminds me of the moment in Schindler's List, when the Jewish refugees enter the concentration camp and notice the refuse belching from the furnaces--their fate.


Did anything of any significance happen Thursday? Yes--but it must remain top secret. Alls I gotta tells ya is that there's nothing funnier than having a conversation for about an hour and a half with a man wearing construction goggles. Semper Fi!


Went to see Aterciopelados with Someone. Her first time seeing the Velvety Ones--she loved them. At the show, met up with Pelos and G of the Fabulous G sisters. Before the concert, ate at Canary Restaurant where we shared a torshi and I breathed a fascinatingly bitter stew known as gormeshsabzi. After the concert, back to her place for hamantashen from Abel's Bakery.

Interesting story about Abel's: Went there during my lunch break at the Rag to pick up some challah. As soon as I walk in, the young lady working the counter yells out, "Tio, tio, mire quien vino!" The proprietor of the place emerges and gets a huge grin on his face. He thanks me immensely, saying he's received much more business thanks to my article. The niece remarks that my article was wonderfully written "in a way that just grabs people." When I ask how much my bill will run to, the owner tells me to leave Andrew Jackson be.

This is why I write--not the freebies, mind you. But if I could bring people in to a small business, if I could get the wicked kicked out of office, if the competition rewrites my articles in an inferior fashion, then I know I'm doing my job.

Article this week:

It's our Best of Issue, so just a bunch of blurbs. I'll post a couple each day to fill your reading needs. In the meanwhile read the entirety of the dining blurbs.

And don't forget my article defending disgusting dinners.

But now, reading!

Before that...

Here's the link to a recently found Internutter, Matt Cibula. Music writer, exiled in Wisconsin--digs El Gran Silencio. A question remains: how does one live in Wisconsin and discover El Gran Silencio?