A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quarta-feira, outubro 22, 2003

Damn Yankees...

Came back from seeing Gustavo Cerati at JC Fandango with the Chapman Couple. Actually, I ditched them because they wanted to be in the front and I don't get sweaty. Great concert as always, however. Hung out with the Fabulous G Sisters and said hello at the very end to Chastity of the LovelyMoFos. Funny thing with her--first time she said hi to me at a Jumbo show, I gave her the ultimate cold shoulder--sorry, but the Raunchy Protestant had insulted me earlier! Last time around for Cerati, we exchanged pleasantries. This time, we actually hugged. Her musings crack me up--about the best compliment you can ever get from me.

I'd have more to sleep, but have to take the kids to school early. Ah, pseudo-parenthood!

Some choice quotes from the Jack Kevorkian entry in the Rotten.com library...

Kevorkian has been compared to a serial killer. When asked about this in a Vanity Fair interview in 1994, he responded with a horrible pun ("I polished off a box of Cheerios this morning"), proving that while he might be psychotic, he's no Hannibal Lecter in the style department.

What started out as a kind of quirky, if morbid, tale of a libertarian bucking the system quickly descended into a morass of conflicting legal decisions and medical ethics dissertations. In other words, it got old fast.