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quinta-feira, outubro 02, 2003

Eat, Drink, and Be Mercurial...

Know what's rather bizarre?

I have a huge appetite for food. This is my diet for today:

BREAKFAST: Beans, rice, potatoes w/onions & fried serrano chiles
LUNCH: jasmine rice, chicken tikka, raita, and a rather-cold slab of naan
DINNER: tres tostadas de ceviche de jaiba and a pan dulce
DESSERT: something called a "breakfast square" with 220 calories.

And I'm still hungry.

Know what's even more bizarre?

I gain no weight--and I don't even work out or do any physical activity of any sort.

Guillermo is convinced I have a tapeworm in my system. I always assumed I had cancer of some sort, especially when I dropped 25 pounds in the three months after I graduated from Chapman University. Even today, I'm only 10 pounds heavier than what my driver's license says I weigh--mind you, the stats and picture from my driver's license reveal a smirking 16-year-old with a mustache that would give any Frito Bandido a run for his money.

The real reason? I have a ridiculously high metabolism and expend lots of energy--therefore, I need to replenish my batteries. I wake up at six in the morning to read my three papers, get in to work around nine, leave at six to work even more, then sleep around midnight or one, then start the day again. I'm never not busy (yes, a double negative, but sometimes they are necessary to make a point)--there's only one moment when I'm relaxed and only precious few people ever experience that.


Most of Uds. are already forcefully subscribed to my Shameless Self-Promotion List (and if you aren't but want to, email me and I'll be more than happy to include you!). Nevertheless, I will now link up every Thursday here the articles I've written this week. Just the links--no commentary. I leave that to you, the never-readers!

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Damn straight I'm working my ass off. And damn straight I love it. And damn straight I can still make time for you!