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domingo, outubro 26, 2003

From the pages of American Patrol...

Devastating California wildfires very suspicious
10/25/03 -- 5:30 pm -- (E-mail to American Patrol): The Mexican government and numerous Mexicans have been making threats about retaliation for revoking licenses for illegal aliens. -- Do you think the CA fires part of that retaliation? -- It is very unusual to have this many fires.

The following day...

10/26/03 -- Yesterday we posted an item in the Rumor Mill suggesting that the fires in Southern California were some kind of or retaliation by the Mexican government or Mexicans. Upon investigation, we can find no reliable source or basis for this suggestion and we apologize for posting it.

As an editor at the Jewish Journal once remarked, seems that everything bad nowadays is either blamed on Mexicans or Jews. Should make us natural allies, eh Chicanos?

Yeah, right.

Based on percentage, Chicanos are the most anti-Semitic people I know, the first to throw their solidarity with the Palestinians, and the first to utter the "Jews own the media" nonsense. I'll never forget the time when my cholo-turned-evangelical minister cousin asked me out of nowhere, "Is it true Jews own the media?" Or how about the many times I've had to hear about Jewish executives courtesy of some prominent rockeros? "It's true, you know" they'll snap back when I call them out for their subscription to stereotypes. Or how about my dear mother calling us for years "Cochino marranos" whenever she'd be angry at us. When I told her only about a year ago that she had been calling us "dirty Jews" for years, she was horrified and hasn't used the slur since. But why did she call us that in the first place--especially when "Arellano" is a Sephardic last name?

Cristo, ruega por nosotros.