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ter├ža-feira, outubro 07, 2003

Grey Skys are Gonna Clear Up...

Just got back from redevelopment speaking when I heard Cruz Bustamante claim on KFWB (actually, it was a live feed directly from Sacramento) that the main concern tonight was the defeat of Proposition 54.

I immediately yelled at my half-eaten apple.

Fookin' wanker expects everyone to believe that his main concern with the Oct. 7 vote was Proposition 54 and not the recall or--more importantly to his ambiguous soul--the election of him as governor?!

The KFWB commentator opined that he thought Bustamante would come out unscathed. I don't think so. Everyone saw what a feckless man Bustamante is. And while my conspirational side feels a Latino will never be elected to a truly prominent position, I think Pinochet Apologist would agree with me in saying that the state of Latino politicians is pretty damn sad.

Besides all the ethnic pandering (do you realize Gil Cedillo, Hilda Solis, Antonio Villaraigosa, and some other politician I cannot remember all called my room number and urged me to vote against the recall--in Spanish?!), they're simply terrible politicians who really haven't done much for anyone.

Quick aside: The Spanish of those politicians was terrible. They ain't Latinos; they're Chicanos. And Chicanos are...wouldn't you like to know my thoughts!!

Enough for now--let's talk to someone and get happy!