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segunda-feira, outubro 06, 2003

He Brings Love! Don't Let Him Get Away!

Here's another random email for me...

I know this may sound silly but I am honored that you promptly responded to my email. Week after week I find it refreshing to hear an opinion that resonates with my political/personal views whether you are doing a food or music review or scrutinizing good ol' political puppets like Sanchez or Pulido. I shamelessly await every thursday to get a fresh new issue and compare/discuss opinions with my good friend--she thoroughly enjoys you although she is fond of Anthony Pignataro's work as well. I just recently discovered your website and journal and find that quite entertaining and informative as well. Okay, sorry I'm babbling now, but honestly I just had to tell you what a groupie I am!

My response is private. And if you're reading this, sender of email...I'm extremely flattered.

So let's balance the appreciation with the hate! Actually, no letters this week so on to the wire!

Mink eat each other after animal rights break-in

There's been a lot of stories recently about animal liberation-types breaking into cages and freeing animals. In fact, one tiny incident where about four people freed four pate-producing ducks was considered so damn important it garnered coverage from both the Los Angeles and New York Times. For the saving of a quartet of quackers! Talk about a slow news day.

Teacher beats up student with fish head.

I remember my junior year in high school how my history teacher swung a yardstick on my friend's back. My friend screamed in pain; everyone laughed. Isn't it great going to a school that the city doesn't give a damn about because it's filled with poor Mexicans?

The Mexican government's role in the 1968 Tlatetlolco massacre.

The first sentence to the AP story says all you need to know:

At least 360 snipers under government command fired into a crowd of protesters, touching off a massacre 35 years ago that scarred a generation of Mexicans, according to once-secret government files obtained by The Associated Press.

Parents Angered Over Florida School's 'Redneck Day'

The quote:

"A redneck is an ignorant, white racist," parent Shirley Moorer said.

I wholeheartedly disagree. A redneck is a poor white. That our poor also tend to be viruntly racist is another matter altogether.

Reverand Fred Phelps continues to show why he's going to hell with his desecration of Matthew Shepherd.

Read it to believe it:

Anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps has announced intentions to erect a monument to Matthew Shepard the gay college student brutally murdered five years ago near Laramie.

But, the monument will be no memorial. Phelps says the monument would be 5 to 6 feet tall and made of marble or granite. It would bear a bronze plaque bearing the image of Shepard and have an inscription reading "MATTHEW SHEPARD, Entered Hell October 12, 1998, in Defiance of God's Warning: 'Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination.' Leviticus 18:22."

I remember that Shephard's death made Johnny Arthur proclaim he was ashamed to be a Christian after Phelps, et al. held up "God Hates Fags" signs at Shepard's funeral. Phelps is evil--let the Rotten Library do the trick.

Laura Schlessinger thinks women should have sex on demand from men.

The fake doctor's quote:

In her latest book, she writes: "If husbands are expected to go to work and earn money and visit relatives they don't like, why can't wives put out on demand?"


Wives have a "loving obligation" to have sex whenever they are asked for it - even if they are not in the mood, says American author Dr Laura Schlessinger.

That's enough for now. Sore knees beckon!