A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quinta-feira, outubro 02, 2003

Keep on Pushin'...

I should just live life already--tell people the entire damn truth, not worry about offending others, be truthful to myself, not be damn afraid.

If I don't like someone, I should tell them and not be scared of hurting them. If I like someone, I shouldn't be so hesitant in liking them. If someone hurts me, I should tell them. If they make me happy, also.

I'm getting to that position. I have nothing to hide from anyone but everything to hide from me. I have so many contradictory positions roiling in my heart and brain I frequently don't know what I believe in--which is a damn lie, of course. I know damn well what I believe in--I'm just afraid that if I let others know, they will no longer want to hang around with me.

And yet I always offer a true sense of my self everytime I speak to someone. Whenever you talk to me, hear from me, see me, I'm always me--I don't change my personality for anyone. The problem is there are so many facets to my personality that I cannae possibly share them all with someone unless they've known me for a couple of months. Nevertheless--talk to me for five minutes and you'll know all the important things you need to know about me.

But above all, only one thing matters to me: love.

[This rant brought to you courtesy of writer's block!]