A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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segunda-feira, outubro 20, 2003

Kiss me, Kate...

And so the debate rages--what is Noble Gus waiting for?

Why is he so smitten with the idea of chivalry? Why won't he bang someone just for the fuck of it? Why does he insist on certain concepts like respect, caring, and understanding of the other person? Why must he put so much emotion into everything he does? Why does he find the idea of physical activity without emotion so morally repugnant? Is he asexual? What of donuts, what?

All questions lobbed at me by Johnny Arthur, implicitly seconded by Dorky Angel and virtually everyone who laughs at my antiquated ways.

Lot of work this week. Gustavo Cerati tomorrow with the Chapman Couple. Friday night looms--but first, I need to call people for interviews!