A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, outubro 26, 2003

La Noche que Chicago se Murio...

Should've used the above title two weeks ago when it was applicable.

Misery has set in yet again--where were you away for so long?--as this charming man realizes communication is the key to the world. And thus, change. The Cowards know what I'm talking about!

Who are the Cowards, you may ask? Ah, but I cannot reveal. Don't worry--it's not you, but it's definitely someone you know. Let's just say the Mission District is now known for something other than great burritos.

Played tennis earlier this morning with the Norse in the LBC. I didn't think our ash storm would drift all the way to Snooptown...but it did. The Norse, a heavy smoker, coughed and wheezed and still destroyed me 6-0, 6-3. Ain't I the jock?

Some Rotten.com history...

Oct 26 1997

Basketball great Charles Barkley is charged with aggravated battery and resisting arrest after throwing 20-year-old man Jorge Lugo through a plate glass window in an Orlando, Florida dance club. Barkley later tells reporters: "I regret we weren't on a higher floor."

But now, research. And a couple of blurbs from Best of...never mind, research.