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segunda-feira, outubro 13, 2003

Only the Lonely...

The articles this week in the Rag...

Daystar Communications fucks with the KOCE spectrum.

Daystar submitted the highest bid for KOCE to the tune of $25 million. Daystar also proudly discriminates:

The Word of God Fellowship, Inc. (a.k.a. the Daystar Television Network) only considers born-again Christian believers for employment.

Let's hear it for Christian love!

Latinos hate Latinos just like everyone else.

Otherwise known as "Why can't the media get over the fact that Latinos are humans like every other race on the planet?!

Five Placentia restaurants facing the wrecking ball.

No comment needed. Eat!

Ate lunch with Dorky Angel today--I think I annoy her more and more with each rant against normal human concepts like going out and having fun. Good one, Gus.

The Rotten Wire will come soon...here's a couple...

Arnold Schwarzenegger seeks to deregulate California's energy grid.

What people forget is that the man is a Pete Wilson acolyte. Wilson, of course, pushed for the deregulation of California's energy market. Just read the damn story for more insight.

Russian Orthodox Church destroyed because gay marriage was conducted there.

This article comes courtesy of World Net Daily, which features an entire section devoted to "Christian persecution." Not sure whether World Net Daily is happy or saddened by the situation--it hates gays and Ruskies, but likes Christian and government harrassment of the gays. Hmm...which is more evil for the webspace--the gays or the destruction of a centuries-old church?

20 Pregnant Cows Killed by Lightning

From Florida, the strangest state in the Union!

REDDICK, Fla. Oct. 9 — Florida, the lightning capital of the nation, lived up to its reputation when 20 prized, pregnant cows were killed by a bolt that hit an oak tree they were huddled under at a north Florida farm, police said. Two others were euthanized.
"The hole in the tree was the size of a watermelon," said Rose Mary Cameron of Clover Leaf Farm. "The ones that were under the tree did not move. They just fell over each other. They were all tangled up."

She said two others appeared brain dead, "so the manager put them down."

US soldiers bulldoze farmers' crops in Iraq

Just a brief excerpt here...

US soldiers driving bulldozers, with jazz blaring from loudspeakers, have uprooted ancient groves of date palms as well as orange and lemon trees in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about guerrillas attacking US troops.

Stop the world, I want to go home...