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quarta-feira, outubro 01, 2003

Open up that Golden Gate...

So Pinochet Apologists votes yes on recall, yes on Schwarzenegger.

Great commentary on the inept Bustamante (just because I defended his MEChA past doesn't mean I support the man--or that I'm a racist, Petty Bourgeois). But the selection of Schwarzenegger?! He's an Orange County Republican to the worst. The man surrounds himself with corporate whores like Pete Wilson, Warren Buffet, the entire collective Lincoln Club, and Jim "Guido" Doti. These are the men who profess to be compassionate conservatives but only care to award sweetheart deals to developers, corporations, and the rich. Fiscal conservatives, my ass--Schwarzenegger will be Gray Davis without the big D in front of him. Want someone beholden to special interests? Look at the Austrian.

As for me, I'm voting no on the recall and leaving it at that. To vote no on the recall and yes on any other candidate negates my previous vote.

BTW, us at the Rag as a collective are endorsing Tom McClintock. And you know what? I don't have a problem with that selection at all.