A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, outubro 14, 2003

Quite a busy day in Daily Rotten history!

Oct 14 1944

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel suicides. He was implicated in an anti-Hitler plot, and given the choice of suicide or humiliating trial and execution. Hitler always liked him.

Oct 14 1959

Actor and Nazi sympathizer Errol Flynn, dubbed "the most despicable human being yet born", dies of a heart attack in Vancouver's west end. Flynn slept with both Truman Capote and Howard Hughes. Eww.

Oct 14 1972

Joe Cocker and members of his backup band are arrested on (surprise) drug charges in Australia.

Oct 14 1977

During an anti-gay rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Anita Bryant gets hit in the face mid-prayer with a banana cream pie. Bryant finishes with custard dripping from her face: "Father, I want to ask that you forgive him and that we love him, and that we're praying for him to be delivered from his deviant lifestyle."

Oct 14 1977

Crooning child abuser Bing Crosby dies on a golf course in Madrid, Spain. Since his death, two of his sons have committed suicide with a shotgun blast to the head (Lindsay in 1989, Dennis in 1991).

Oct 14 1982

President Ronald Reagan, like Nixon before him, declares war on drugs. This time, for sure!