A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, outubro 28, 2003

School's Out...

I think I'll transition rather well when I finally move out of my house away from the spoiling ways of my family. As it currently stands, I don't eat at home, by the time I get home, everyone is already asleep--in effect, I come to an empty house--I already pay many of the bills, and I clean things. The only aspects of the solitary life I'm lacking in is washing clothes and cooking dinner outside of my beans/rice/potatoes triumvate--but with those three items together accompanied with a quesadilla, what else is there to eat?

Just returned from a 5 1/2-hour marathon school board meeting. Let me just say I'm praying for all the kids out there--the scholastic life for them is severely screwy. But at least people now pay attention--back in my high school days, no one gave a damn. Hell, people still don't--SanTana is a rather caring town compared to Anacrime.