A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quarta-feira, outubro 15, 2003

Shoplifters of the World, Unite!

I never even spoke about my Saturday night/Sunday morning!


Went to a wedding with Downer Downey of a cousin of a fellow Uppitty Rag comrade. Wedding was fun, but ended much too early for our tastes--10:40 pm, to be exact. We wanted to do something, so we ended up visiting JC Fandango--sharp-looking suits and all.

JC was shocked to see me at his salsa nights; I told him I needed some food. So the three of us proceeded to spend the next four hours yapping about things in general. Downer Downey and JC hit it off--both good men. They both gave me advice regarding the love thing--essentially, they're not allowing me to fuck up anymore. We ate this delicious shrimp sautee, although I think mine could have been a bit spicier. Got home at three in the morning, then promptly woke up at six--need to read my papers!

Later on in the evening, went out with my fellow UCLAer (not Someone). Went to see Dirty Pretty Things. As always the tension was fun--introduced her to the veggie wonders of Van Hanh, more specifically their bun. Good times had by all.


Wept. The Cubs...the Cubs! I saw it all!

This man...in fact, let's quote the Smoking Gun on it, shall we?

Meet Steve Bartman. He's the poor 26-year-old Chicago Cubs fan who last night got his hands on that foul ball headed for outfielder Moises Alou's mitt. Bartman, who attended the University of Notre Dame, works for a Chicago-area consulting firm and serves as coach for a local youth baseball program. We wanted to speak with Bartman about last night's incident, but he did not return messages left on his office voicemail. And when we dialed Bartman up at his apartment--about three miles from Wrigley Field--we got a recorded message saying that his number had been disconnected. Which is probably not a bad idea.

The minute this happened, I knew hell would emerge. It did. It was terrible. They're going to lose tonight, despite the emphatic optimism of Dorky Angel.

Tell Uds. what: If the Cubs win tonight, everyone is entitled to lunch on me. Catch: you have to name the company I worked for before I started with the Rag. In the meanwhile...go Cubs!