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domingo, outubro 12, 2003

Some interesting New York Times articles today...

Gillette Asserts its Dominance over the Razor Market

I'm a Gillette man myself, although I must say their shaving gel is terrible. I'm going back to Old Spice for their shaving cream. Yes, I know it's an old man's toiletry, but as many people told me, I already act like a damn 40-year-old.

Tommy Mottola tries to make Thalia into an American sensation.

The deck says it all:

A New York street kid turned pop music impresario has sometimes been so dazzled by his own creation that he has fallen in love with the stars he manufactured.

Her music is terrible enough. But a clothing line for K-Mart?! Perfume for K-Mart?! Thalia is supposed to be the "Hispanic Martha Stewart"?! All these pale in comparison to the following, one of the more chilling passages I'll read this year...

Next February, Thalía, a monthly magazine, is planned to arrive on newsstands, published by American Media, which owns The Star, The National Enquirer and a roster of titles aimed at the Hispanic market. Ms. Sodi will top its masthead as editor in chief, Mr. Mottola as creative director. "I don't know Thalía," said David Pecker, the chief executive of American Media. "But I have great faith in Tommy as a businessman who knows how to market a celebrity better than anybody and how to promote a magazine in other forms of media."

God exists--and he's a writer's nightmare.